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Popcorn Time can be installed on a wide variety of devices including iOS. Here's how you can enjoy thousands of your favorite movies and TV shows.

Want Popcorn Time on iOS? How to download the app on all your tech

So many people are still stuck at home because of the pandemic, which means more people are streaming on their devices. People want to catch up with the latest in movies & TV while also getting to enjoy the comfort of their own houses.

There are hundreds of ways to watch free content online, and one of the most popular services is Popcorn Time. Popcorn Time can be installed on a wide variety of devices and is used to access & stream a large collection of movies & shows.

Popcorn Time is a perfect way to leave behind the hard work of finding something to watch. It’s free to use, which makes it a much more affordable option than a streaming service. Plus, Popcorn Time has content that other services don’t offer.

What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time allows people to watch movies & TV shows in HD by searching the web for the best quality torrents. The service offers a massive catalogue, so there’s something for everyone to watch. There are also subtitles & dubbed content.

Popcorn Time allows users to quickly start streaming. The process of getting Popcorn Time is simple. Once the Popcorn Time software is installed, accessing the content is as easy as clicking “play” on one of the many available titles. Content can also be downloaded, making offline watching an option as well.

Is Popcorn Time safe?

It’s best to use a trusted antivirus protection software when using the internet, especially when downloading files. Popcorn Time requires an install of the Popcorn Time software. Similar services are known to be unsafe and filled with viruses, so caution should be taken when getting Popcorn Time.

The Popcorn Time software is legal, but downloading or storing copyrighted content like TV shows & movies can get people into legal trouble. Because of copyright infringement laws, it’s often illegal to download content belonging to someone else without paying for it. 

One solution to avoid being tracked for downloading Popcorn Time content is a VPN, or virtual private network. It hides IP addresses and sends information in an encrypted format, making it hard to trace where internet traffic comes from. VPNs are easy to install and there are a large number of cheap options.

How to get Popcorn Time on iOS

Getting Popcorn Time on iOS is easy, but it’s not going to work with a search in the app store. According to the Popcorn Time website,, the Popcorn Time software needs to be installed on a Mac or Windows computer. It’s available on the website. Once the software is on the computer, plug a jailbroken iPhone into the computer with a USB cable. After that, there will be instructions within the installer.

For other jailbroken iOS devices like iPad or iPod Touch, the process works similarly. Cydia enables software not authorized by Apple to be installed on jailbroken devices. Popcorn Time recommends using Cydia for getting the streaming service.

How to get Popcorn Time on other devices

Though iOS is a popular way to access Popcorn Time, it’s available for other devices as well. It can be installed to computer systems including Mac, Windows, and Linux. It’s also available for a number of Android devices, including Android smartphones, Android smart TVs, Amazon Fire Sticks, and more.

Instructions on how to get Popcorn Time on those devices are similar to how to get Popcorn Time for iOS.

What can people stream on Popcorn Time?

If there’s a movie or TV show you’ve been wanting to watch, chances are it’s available for free with Popcorn Time. The service offers a large library of content. It has both older and newer films & shows. 

Sometimes, Popcorn Time even has movies which are still in the theaters. For those who don’t want to pay for streaming, Popcorn Time could be a solution.

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