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Waiting for U.S. election news to settle? We're here to offer you some political dark humor memes to both lighten and darken the mood.

The election gets bleak: The best political dark humor memes

Even when we feel like the 2020 U.S. election should be over already, it’s still not over. Indignant claims of fraud ring out and the winning party sticks their tongue out at the loser as they beg for assurance the win is final. All of 2020 has been pretty bleak but this election process is the cherry on top. 

In keeping with the bleak mood, we’d thought we’d offer you some political dark humor memes to go with your day. If you’re stuck fumbling your way through the year you might as well be able to laugh at the darkness. Prepare to cringe and chuckle through these dark humor memes. 

They feel your pain, bro 

This wise guy makes fun of their own political system while smirking at America’s. 

Dishonor on your family 

This one’s real dark. If you know anything about Joe Biden’s family you’ll get it . . . and then wish you didn’t. 

Which is which? 

Their descriptors are just so alike. 


At least the heat’s off him though. 

Election loss: Pacifier edition 

In this edition of an Australian paper they analyze Trump’s tantrum

Obsessed with losing 

We guess when you’re that conceited you’ll beg to see more of yourself even if it only means seeing more of yourself failing. 


Yeah, we know that’s a chess term not a tic tac toe one, but figured we’d match the level of logic displayed in this meme. 

C’mon, do the thing 

Despite everything, the U.S. election was tamer than most expected. How dare the United States not deliver on entertainment value

Time’s running out 

Joe says pack your bags. 

Remember this? 

Good times. 

Stealing the spotlight 

Pennsylvania did the equivalent of a photobomb. 

Come on now

We’re waiting. 

Is there an off button for 2020? 

Surely this will be over by January 20, 2021. 

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