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'Paddington 3' is confirmed to be in development. Take a look at the details for the upcoming film and take a look back at the first two films.

‘Paddington 3’ is happening! Read all the scrumptious details here

When Paddington debuted in 2014, it was a delightful surprise as everyone seemed to love it. Kids, parents, and critics all praised this family film about an adorable, talking bear who comes to London. Three years later, Paddington 2 debuted and it was equally as praised, with some even liking it more than the first. 

Fans of this bear will be delighted to hear that Paddington 3 is officially in the works. Here is more information on the third entry in this family film series. 

Paddington 3 is confirmed

Studiocanal confirmed that Paddington 3 is officially in the works. The company told Variety We can confirm Studiocanal is working very hard on film 3 with the utmost craft and care — as with film 1 and 2.” 

Hugh Bonneville, who plays Mr. Brown, the father of the family who adopts Paddington told BBC Radio in an interview last week that the project was “somewhere on the horizon.”

There have been no story details released so far, however, according to Variety, Studiocanal will be teaming up once again with David Heyman’s Heyday Films. Paddington writer-director Paul King has said in the past he won’t direct Paddington 3, but will still be involved. King is currently is set to direct Wonka, a Willy Wonka origin story,  for Warner Bros. set to debut in March 2023. 

What is Paddington?

The films are based on the Paddington Bear book series in which a bear named Paddington arrives in London from “darkest Peru.” He was found in London Paddington station by the Brown family who took him in as one of their own. Paddington is a polite and endlessly respectful bear who winds up innocently getting into trouble, but doing everything possible to make it right. 

Each story and film is filled with valuable lessons and themes for kids and the whole family. According to Variety, the author Michael Bond, who passed away in 2017, said Paddington is inspired by the stories of refugees during World War II who arrived in London with tags around their necks, which Paddington is sporting when he arrives at the station. 

The Paddington films 

Paddington & Paddington 2 were both critical & box office successes, grossing more than $280 million domestically and $225 million worldwide. However, the second film underperformed in the U.S. due to The Weinstein Company going bankrupt following the fallout of Harvey Weinstein’s crimes. 

Both films received fantastic reviews with Paddington holding a 97% critical score & Paddington 2 remaining as one of the few films on Rotten Tomatoes to have an unblemished 100% critical score. The films are praised for their sweet stories, unique direction, witty humor, and charming performances. 

The two films feature great casts with Sally Hawkins, Bonneville, and Julie Walters. Nicole Kidman & Hugh Grant played the quirky, over-the-top villains in each film, with Grant even performing a colorful, jailhouse musical number to end Paddington 2. Brendan Gleeson also stars as a tough, but also kind-hearted friend who Paddington meets during his time in jail (yes, Paddington goes to jail, but don’t worry, it’s adorable.)

Ben Whishaw, who voices Paddington in both films brings such a charm to the character that makes him both adorable & likable. The soothing tone of his voice makes you want to listen to Paddington speak all day. Whishaw also voices the character in The Adventures of Paddington, an animated children’s TV show. Season 2 of the series premieres on Nickelodeon this Friday. 

The Paddington movies are some of the most charming family films that have come out recently. If you haven’t watched them yet, definitely catch up before Paddington 3 arrives. 

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