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Packing for a trip can be difficult. Here's a useful guide to how to properly pack for a business trip.

Your ultimate guide for packing a business trip


Traveling for work is something that you might be asked to do from time to time. However, even the most seasoned traveler finds it annoying. But if you have never gone for a business trip, you will find that making sure you pack well can appear a bit arduous. 

However, when you break it down into parts, you will find that it is much simpler. The secret is planning well and packing as lightly as possible. You don’t want to incur extra charges on your chosen airport car service or flight because you carried too much gear. Next time you need to go on a business trip, try using these tips.

Choosing Your Luggage

Make Sure You Choose a Bag That Fits All Your Clothes

The secret is packing light and carrying only the things you will need. However, some trips tend to be long and call for more items. Look for a solid suitcase with hard sides or plastic-made, to ensure its contents don’t get crushed even if it is checked in.

Ensure Your Carry-On Fits with the Size Limit

If you are shopping for a new suitcase, keep your searches to bags fitting the carry-on space. This will ensure that you cut down on the time that you will spend on check-in lines as well as the quantity you pack. While the rules for carry-on luggage vary from one airline to the next, a bag measuring 22”x13”x9” most likely will meet maximum size limits.

Go With a Darkly-Colored Functional Suitcase

A navy blue or solid black suitcase is sleek and has a professional look. Choose a suitcase with wheels as well as an extendable handle to avoid lugging it through the airport.

Some suitcases come with multiple packing compartments, to allow you to keep things separate without the need for extra items such as packing cubes. 

Find a Purse of Briefcase that Can Last for the Duration of the Trip

Buy something made using a nice material, for instance, canvas or leather. Also, it needs to be darkly colored. Also, it needs to have enough space for your electronics, document folder, and a laptop.

In case you have a carry-on bag already, and your airline has banned additional personal items, it’s best to get a purse or briefcase that can be fitted in your suitcase.

Planning Clothes

Pack at least a suit

A black, navy blue or gray suit works a treat because these colors are neutral and versatile. For formal meetings, you can wear the entire suit. But for social events or casual work, individual pieces or a dress works fine.

If you will require an extra jacket, pack a blazer or a sports jacket. You can pair these with a skirt or suit pants for a professional or casual look.

Pack Shoes

The beauty of dark brown or black leather shoes is that they can be dressed down or up. And if you are a lady, dressier flats or black heels are versatile enough, although flats are more comfortable. If your trip is short, a pair of shoes will be fine. Also, if it can be worn with all the clothes you have packed, there is no need for carrying several pairs. If you have to pack more pairs, limit them to two only.

Pack Enough Undergarments for Each Day as well as an Extra Pair

It’s important to carry an extra pair, just in case you need it. Make sure your underwear is comfortable and shouldn’t occupy too much room in your bag.

Remember to also pack tights and or socks. Most suits and dress shoes match with black socks. For tights, choose something that blends with your skin tone or black. 

White Undershirts are best

If you like wearing undershirts, white is the color you want to opt for. There is no need for one a day, but you should pack one per few days. The good thing with undershirts is that they keep you warm during colder days and also help to keep your shirts tidier for longer as they keep sweat away.

Most hotels provide laundry services, so you should not hesitate to use these services to keep your clothes clean. Although you will normally pay a little bit more for these services, they are necessary since they help to keep you professional and fresh.

Pack Your Best Dress Shirts

The shirts can be paired with dark jeans, a nice skirt, or slacks and look professional still. Otherwise, pack striped or plain shirts. Avoid choosing shirts that are too bright or busy.

Packing Your Bag

Carry toiletries, shoes, and chargers

Any shoe that you don’t intend to wear in your plan should be put at the bottom of the bag, so they don’t crush the more delicate items. You can fill the shoes with your charging cables or socks. Next, put all toiletries into a bag and put them together with your shoes.

Next up, put heavier clothes

In second place should be heavier clothes. Heavy items such as suit pants, dresses, or jeans should be packed next. If you fear that things might get messy, invest in packing cubes to ensure things are more organized.

Shirts should come last

Ensuring that your dress shirts are on top helps keep them free from any form of wrinkles. Shirts can be kept folded or in shirt covers over every other thing. Also, you can fold your tie neatly and place it with the shirts. 

Pack prescriptions, electronics, and important documents in your briefcase or purse

Your phone, laptop, tablet, or medications should be safely placed in your handbag. Also, the folder containing all your important documents should be easily accessible. Ensure that you put everything you need in one place to avoid losing any electronics or medications.


Packing for a business trip can be quite daunting if you have never been on a company errand. As well as organizing your transportation, you also need to ensure you pack light while at the same time carry everything you need.

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