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Overview of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft maintenance engineering is a career opportunity for students of the aircraft maintenance industry. In this educational blog, you can learn everything you need to know to become an aircraft maintenance engineer.

Aircraft maintenance engineering is a lucrative career for those looking to start a career in the aviation industry. Although there are many opportunities in this field, a career in aircraft maintenance engineering can be very rewarding. Unlike pilots, aeronautical, or aerospace engineers, this work does not necessarily require building or operating an aircraft; Rather, it is aircraft maintenance while ensuring air vehicle safety.

Benefits of choosing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering:

India has made many significant achievements in aerospace engineering. Therefore, choosing a career in aircraft maintenance engineering will bring them a good salary scale and allow you to work in many other countries and have a better future than the place of work in India.

Apart from this, other benefits of choosing aircraft maintenance engineering include the following:

  • Challenging work and an exciting opportunity
  • high demand in the future

In addition, they also play a vital role in keeping the aircraft airworthy and ensuring 100% flight safety. Aeronautical engineers maintain aircraft. With the rapid growth of the aviation industry, aircraft maintenance engineers are and will continue to be in high demand. Therefore, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is the best and fastest-growing career choice. 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering syllabus:

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program has been designed with the rapidly changing requirements of the aviation industry in mind. The course syllabus includes an in-depth study of aircraft. It also includes mechanical flow training followed by hands-on training experience in real aircraft.

  • Line Maintenance 

The Category A1 license is a basic aircraft maintainer license that covers aircraft powered by jet engines—holders of a Category A1 license for direct use without a type rating. You can issue CRS (Certificate for Release to Services) to an aircraft after minor scheduled maintenance online. And also responsible for correcting the simple identification according to the authorization issued by the organization or the airlines which designate it.

  • Base maintenance

Category B1 license includes privileges of Category A1. It is authorized to cover the maintenance and repair of this aircraft’s structure, engine, and mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems. It is also authorized to cover avionics systems requiring simple testing without troubleshooting.

Aircraft maintenance engineering Sector scope:

Aircraft maintenance engineering has a bright future in India. It is because nowadays people prefer to travel by plane rather than other modes of transport. Consequently, the number of passengers travelling by air is increasing rapidly. It creates a high demand for new aircraft to compensate for the heavy traffic at the airport. To meet the growing needs, more and more aircraft are being manufactured. Moreover, the demand for aircraft maintenance engineering will multiply in different streams to ensure their safety and maintenance work. Airlines are looking for young, energetic and intelligent aircraft maintenance engineers in India for work.

Also, the opportunity is not only limited to India but also extends to many other countries abroad. Hence, opting for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering would be a great advantage as the demand for AME will be high.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Salary:

The aircraft maintenance engineering salary generally depends on the experience and organization of the individual. However, the starting salary of an aircraft maintenance engineer in India is very high. After getting a license, aircraft maintenance engineers can earn lakhs.

Not only a high salary, but an aeronautical engineer also earns great prestige and respect in society. This prestige and high pay factor motivates many students to change their career from a generalist engineering course to AME. Salary can be a reason to make your Career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. 

Is maintenance engineering a good career?

Yes, maintenance engineering is a good career. Maintenance engineers earn a lot of money and enjoy strong job security. They also play an important role in many industries and have many opportunities to advance their careers. The average maintenance engineer earns around $64,000 annually, but the top 10% earn around $95,000 annually. Maintenance engineers ensure that equipment operates efficiently and according to company specifications. The greatest demand for mechanical engineers is in the aviation sector, followed by the medical and manufacturing industries.

According to a study, maintenance engineers are expected to increase by 8% from 2020 to 2030, in line with current demands. Approximately 152,300 service engineer openings are expected each year. In particular, maintenance engineers with a background in 3D printing and experience in aviation will have better job prospects than all other types of maintenance engineering positions.


Aircraft maintenance engineering is one of the best engineering studies. If you are interested in planes, this is the best choice. It provides a good salary package and many more benefits to students. If you want a good college suggestion, you can trust Star Aviation Academy, which will help you to make your Career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

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