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Now everyone can edit their photos like pros with presets

How many of us take dozens and hundreds of photos when out in town or on holiday, with most of these photos finding their way onto Instagram and other social platforms? In most normal cases, any nice photo will do but for professional photographers and influencer marketers, the quality of the photos on Instagram matter. Before just posting a batch of photos, they have to edit them to show off their best features. Unfortunately, there are too many pictures and no time to edit them one at a time. Luckily, tools now exist that help with editing and Lightroom presets are that kind of tool. They have become very popular with photographers, Instagramers and visual content creators alike.

What are photography filters?

Presets are files that enable users working in Lightroom presets to add specific develop settings to an image to give it a desired look. They can be found in the Develop Module within the Presets Panel and in a drop-down menu in the Quick Develop panel in Library.

When a photographer edits a photo, he has to adjust contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, color grading and clarity to his liking. When he gets it right, he applies the settings to the photo and he then saves it for application to other photos in the same batch or to future batches. The file that he saves for future use becomes what is now called a preset.

Parker Arrow Presets

Professionals photographers and amateurs alike sometimes don’t have time to even sit down and create a preset for each batch. That is why companies like Parker Arrow have created many types of presets that photographers can use. Parker Arrow has broad categories of presets such as Minimal, Travel, Lifestyle and Collections. Within each category a photographer can choose particular preset packs. For example, within the Travel category, the choice includes California Calling, Costa Rica, Dreamy Paris, Tropical Blues and Bali Breeze. One can choose one of these or buy the whole Travel collection plus one Travel Blogger Pack for a much-discounted price.

The presets can be imported into the Adobe App “Lightroom” where they are used to achieve a particular style of editing and also create nice reliable color palettes among all the pictures.

Mobile filter packs for fast smartphone editing

One doesn’t need to be a photographer or editor to enjoy using presets. Lightroom works even for lay people who know very little about photography. Of particular interest are mobile presets for Lightroom that are working very hard to raise awareness among all keen social media users. Why? Because editing is easily accessible on the go and users need only click to edit their photos on their smartphones. Anyone who wants mobile presets for Instagram can use Parker Arrow presets easily and show off their photos on social media as they travel.

Why are Lightroom Presets popular?

Lightroom presets are popular among professional photographers, beginners, Instagramers and graphic designers. Here are the reasons for their popularity among such a wide range of people.

  1. Easy to use for beginners and pros

Presets help photographers to edit batches of similar photos all at once. With one click, they can move all the sliders of a preset to the exact positions they want so that the edit style remains the same. With presets, editing has become simple, fast, automated, and streamlined. Lightroom users no longer waste many unpaid hours editing for Instagram.

  1. Create a consistent feed

Photographers achieve consistency of style and tonal theme by adding a particular preset to a batch. They can then customize some of the photos where necessary.

  1. Big variety of color palettes

One big advantage of preset packs from Parker Arrow is that they come with alternative lighting, different types of scenery and different times of the day. The photographer can then add variety to his consistent theme.

  1. Tweak presets with your personal touch

Presets always look different on different photographs. The photographer can then edit certain photos afterwards to customize images and to play around with different looks.

  1. 5. Upgrade your online presence

Instagramers want on-point feeds which they can achieve through Lightroom presents that guarantee a consistent look on each batch. With presets, users can up their Instagram game.

Choose your look and try them yourself

While presets are great for Instagram feeds, the same photos can be used on other social media platforms, for sharing with friends and family and even for ads to improve your business presence. The best way to find out if presets are the the nest way for you to improve your photos: Just try them! Presets are very affordable and there are so many looks to choose from. If you like one of the style simply give it a try.

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