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'Spider-Man: No Way Home' premiered almost six months ago, yet, streaming it online is still on the to-do list of many. Here's all you need to know.

Super streaming: How can you watch ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’?

You’ve probably already watched Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters, but is it possible to stream it online? Living in a postmodern pandemic the answer is always yes. You can already sit comfortably on your couch while streaming Spider-Man: No Way Home but the real question is: where? We know you very well and we know you’re always hunting for the best free streaming sites, so we’ll include them.

Spider-Man: No Way Home, is the latest Spider-Man movie directed by John Watts, also the best one for many, and that’s a lot to say considering they’re more than five. Although the movie was released in December 2021 to give the year a proper closure, it continues to be an indisputable success. The Marvel movie hit theaters and topped $1.8 billion, looking to hit $2 billion. 

The film is also the sixth highest-grossing in history, and these numbers are shocking in the era of online streaming. Before the pandemic, several important movies started being released on streaming platforms, like Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma which was awarded an Oscar. Yet, the pandemic expedited the process of digitizing physical spaces & activities, such as attending movie theaters. 

Brief Synopsis

Even if you’re a Spider-Man fan it’s logical to wonder what each movie is about, let’s have in mind there are nine movies on Spider-Man already, including a spider-verse. It’s crazy that we can even pick which is our favorite Peter Parker, from three different actors, which in this case is interpreted by Tom Holland. Still, here’s a brief synopsis of the movie.

It all picks up when Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal outs Peter Parker as Spider-Man to the entire world. As if Gyllenhaal wasn’t already hated enough after the Red Taylor’s Version release. Anyway, at this point, the superhero asks Dr.Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) if he could possibly erase this from people’s minds, yet, if there was a cure we wouldn’t have a movie, right?

What was supposed to be a cure by Dr. Strange went wrong and now there are foes from foreign worlds appearing. Spider-Man: No Way Home is an especially touching film to many because further being a superhero classic movie, it settles deep confrontations. In this film, Peter Parker gets to reflect on what being Spider-Man means, and as an audience, we do too. Yet, where can the movie be streamed?

Best streaming sites 

If you haven’t watched the movie you surely want to know after reading the synopsis, and several questions are popping into your head. Which official streaming platforms will house Spider-Man: No Way Home? Also, which other non-official, free platforms are the best ones to use? Here’s all you need to know on Spider-Man: No Way Home streaming.

Currently, movies are streamed on certain platforms depending on the company they belong to, especially big box office movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home. This movie has a particular situation, even though it’s a Marvel movie, its rights belong to Sony Pictures and not to Disney. 

So, you can start knowing this movie will not be streaming on Disney+, yet, if you have a subscription and are a Spider-Man fan you shouldn’t cancel it. Sony agreed the Spider-Man movies released between 2022 & 2026 would have a place on Netflix & Disney+. Yet, Spider-Man: No Way Home was released in 2021. 

Due to pre-existing contracts, this movie would only be available to stream on Starz, officially, also it won’t be immediate. Netflix & Starz also have the first movie from this Tom Holland Trilogy Spider-Man: Homecoming. The movie can be rented or pre-ordered on platforms like Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Google Play. Still, keep in mind you can always stream movies for free on Putlockers, including this one.

Which streaming platform is your favorite to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home? Tell us in the comments below!

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