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‘New Warriors’ ejected, Ratner and Hoffman fingered

In other news, men continue to do awful things. Dustin Hoffman has been accused of sexual harassment.

‘New Warriors’ ejected, Ratner and Hoffman fingered

Marvel’s New Warriors gets shopped around for new network

New Warriors, the next television project from Marvel, has been lifted from Freeform and will no longer air on the channel aimed towards younglings. Marvel is instead looking to shop the series around to other networks, with it possibly landing on Disney’s forthcoming streaming service as a last resort.

The ten-episode series from showrunner Kevin Biegel (Scrubs) is a half-hour comedy that aims to refresh Marvel’s TV line-up. The show follows Mister Immortal (Derek Theler) and actual best superhero Squirrel Girl (Milana Vayntrub) as they wander about doing superhero hijinks.

Freeform was unable to find a slot for the series in its 2018 schedule, something that Marvel was adamant on. One hopes the lack of a network is not an ominous sign for a series starring a brave and inventive set of characters.

Brett Ratner accused of sexual harassment

Six women have come forward and accused director Brett Ratner (The Revenant) of sexual harassment and misconduct. Actors Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Natasha Henstridge (Ghosts of Mars) are among those accusing Ratner of acting inappropriately towards them. Ratner has had a reputation involving misconduct, even apologizing on Howard Stern’s show for his comments about Olivia Munn in the past.

Ratner denies all allegations made against him, and his attorney Martin Singer has dismissed all accounts made against the Hollywood director.

Oh and Dustin Hoffman too

In other news, men continue to do awful things. Dustin Hoffman has been accused of sexual harassment. In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, Anna Graham Hunter accuses Hoffman of sexually harassing her when she was 17.

The incidents in question are alleged to have taken place when Hunter was a production assistant intern on Death of a Salesman, starring Hoffman. In the column, Hunter includes excerpts of her diaries, alleging that Hoffman continuously discussed sex and acted in a generally inappropriate manner during production on the film.

The allegations against Hoffman and Ratner are part of a broader outpouring of scandal and stories consuming the entire entertainment industry in the wake of the Weinstein allegations. After decades of silence these stories are finally getting a full public airing.

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