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If you’re tight on money or simply refuse to pay for Netflix, you’re in luck! There are numerous methods to allow you to extend your free trial on Netflix.

Here are all the ways to extend your free Netflix trial just a little bit longer

If you’re tight on money or simply refuse to pay for Netflix, you’re in luck! There are numerous methods to allow you to extend your free trial on Netflix. 

First things first

The first & most important step in this process is to signup for a Netflix free trial – because you can’t extend a free trial if you don’t have one to extend. Netflix graciously offers its users a free thirty-day trial of its services, meaning an endless amount of movies & TV shows to become addicted to. 

What causes most to frown is the part of the signup process involving credit card mandatory information to qualify for the free trial. (Forgetting to unsubscribe to a free trial and getting charged happens to the best of us.) Fortunately, Netflix will send a reminder email a few days before the trial expires, giving the user the option to end the trial or continue on paying the fee.

Let’s get to work

Still don’t want to pay for Netflix? One way to extend your free trial is by making a new account under a different payment method and email address. However, this approach isn’t always reliable, as Netflix is good at detecting accounts & devices connected to the same person (via your IP address – which is why you ought to use a VPN). Plus, who has that many emails & payment methods, anyways?

If you’re a law-abiding citizen and want to do things the right way, try waiting a month or two between your thirty-day free trials. Netflix may invite you to try the free trial again; however, receiving a free trial invite from Netflix is uncommon. (But if you close your eyes, clap your hands three times, and sing “Netflix r00lz”, an invite may just arrive.)

For the impatient & movie-addicted, simply call Netflix customer service at (866) 579-7172 before your trial ends and ask them to extend it. Tell them you’ve been occupied and unable to enjoy the full Netflix experience, and the rep might just offer you a renewed thirty-day free trial. This method doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot – and it never hurts to brush up on your persuasion skillz. 

Unlucky with the methods above? Look no further than your handy dandy coupons. There are multiple coupon websites offering discounts for Netflix: DealsPlus, Coupon by Everafterguide,, RetailMeNot, Giving Assistant, and more. 

No luck?

Maybe you’re an unlucky person and got no luck using the methods above. If that’s the case, there may be hope of gaining access to Netflix for free if you’re thinking about switching your phone provider, of all things. With T-Mobile, you can get a free Netflix subscription for life for as long as you stay with the phone provider.

There you have it: numerous methods aimed to help you extend your Netflix trial for free. Next time you see your free Netflix trial coming to an end, be sure to try the methods above to enjoy endless amounts of movies & TV shows – while keeping your bank account happy (or at least not despairing).

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  • Actually, in the US effective today October 6th 2020, us customers no longer can get 30-day trials to Netflix

    October 6, 2020

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