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'GoldenEye 007' and more games were inspired by movies. Here are all the movies and the groundbreaking games that followed.

‘GoldenEye 007’: The movies that inspired groundbreaking games

There was a time when a companion video game accompanied every cinematic release. From The Lord of the Rings trilogy to Blade II, eventually, movie-themed games earned a reputation as bad as game-themed movies. Despite the eventual stigma, there have been some true gems in gaming that owe their inspiration to blockbuster movies.

Over the years, some developers have gone all-out to embody the universe of the big screen source material, creating groundbreaking games in the process. Here are the movie-themed games from the ages that set new trends or achieved new feats across gaming.

Laying the foundations of modern FPS games

There’s only one place to start here, and that’s with the game that often tops the lists of movie-based games: GoldenEye 007. Released on the Nintendo 64, the James Bond game sold millions, but most importantly, it laid the foundations of the first-person shooter genre. In an age of shooting and action games dominated by fixed-rail-shooters, GoldenEye and the N64 controller’s analog sticks introduced a freestyle format to FPS games.

Skill and tactics came into play, changing the genre from being entirely reactions-based. Before, it was very much about following a fixed route and shooting things that pop out before they got you. 

GoldenEye not only allowed for players to move around, work angles, and utilize different levels, but the level designs required as much, adding new elements to the skill set needed to play shooter titles.

Infusing movie footage into the gameplay

Many video games in the past have used scenes from movies to move between missions, as opposed to creating in-engine cinematics, which can sometimes pull the user out of the experience. However, in a game type that’s more hands-off than console titles, infusing movie footage as a part of the gameplay can greatly enhance the experience. At the highest-rated online casino with a welcome bonus, Matrix set a new standard for movie-based slot games.

The Playtech creation has several favorable features for the game type anyway, such as 50 paylines and a 95.14% RTP percentage, but it’s the use of scenes from the Matrix movie which makes it a top-tier slot. In the game, the bonus feature is triggered by landing three pill choice symbols. 

Once landed, the scene of Morpheus offering the blue pill and the red pill plays, ending with you picking one of the pills to go into one of two features. Since the Matrix slot’s release, many other developers have looked to utilize movies similarly.

Proving that a comprehensive park management game can be made for consoles

Park management and simulation games have been incredibly popular on PC for decades, but they’re very hit-and-miss on consoles. Due to the limited controls, the use of controllers, and engines used to make console games, the platform doesn’t lend itself to expansive park builders or simulation games. Frontier Developments found this to be the case when they attempted to bring Zoo Tycoon to consoles, offering a very restricted and shallow game.

However, the team stuck at it, embracing the perfect movie to build around: Jurassic World. Frontier’s game Jurassic World Evolution caters to all of the stat screens, options, and pin-point customizations that PC park builder games are known for offering. 

Furthermore, despite all of the expansions, the whole game has been made compatible with the hybrid Nintendo Switch console. Jurassic World Evolution has proven that the popular PC genre of games can offer a tremendous amount of entertainment on modern consoles.

Games based on movies don’t have a great reputation overall. Still, GoldenEye 007, Matrix, and Jurassic World Evolution have proven to be revolutionary in gaming, let alone within their movie-game niche.

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