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'Molly's Game' was a hit film in 2017. Find out how the film broke new ground for women in the gambling arena.

How ‘Molly’s Game’ changed the perception of women in gambling

Gambling has somehow always been a men’s game. However, do we ever wonder who runs the whole scheme? Who is behind the intricate business of running, say, underground poker?

In today’s case study, we look at Molly’s Game, a 2017 Aaron Sorkin-directed gambling movie based on a real-life story. Specifically, we’re taking a look at how this motion picture affected the way we look at women in gambling.

Tables have turned

It was in her 20’s when Molly Bloom, whose life the movie is based upon, moved to Los Angeles. Looking to move away from her strict parents and find a “warmer” place to live, she did various jobs to make a living. From a waitress, Bloom soon became the executive assistant to a big fish in LA. It turned out that the man was looking for someone to organize his underground poker games for high-rollers.

Knowing absolutely nothing about poker, Bloom went home confused but keen to learn as much as she could. She prepared a playlist featuring stereotypical songs like Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler. However, she made sure that all the players at the table felt comfortable and enjoyed the game.

And just like that, Molly Bloom became the poker princess overnight. But this story didn’t have a happy ending.

Will you love me when the chips are down?

Molly’s Game, which is a true-life story based on the former skier’s life, shows us the raw and uncensored trajectory of the path of a woman in the men’s world.

As soon as she gained enough experience, Bloom used the momentum to run her own game nights. In the blink of an eye, celebrities and billionaires came flocking around Molly. It’s been said that the buy-in alone started out at $10,000. Could you imagine how much money there was on the table each night?

Nonetheless, the under-the-counter poker nights didn’t last as long as Molly wanted them to. It took the federal authority a couple of years to find out what’s behind the curtain.

A bitter former high-stake poker player tipped Molly to the Feds, forcing her to get a lawyer. Without spoiling the story completely, we’ll let you watch the rest of the film. Let us know your impressions. But here’s a teaser – there are charges of a Ponzi’s scheme.

However, what we’ll do is focus on what Molly’s Game did for girls in gambling. Namely, in 2017, when the movie came out, more and more women started feeling more comfortable talking about their love of the game. Stay-at-home mums, homemakers, and female CEOs alike expressed their fondness for poker.

It’s as if poker had been reserved for male audiences before this movie. It took only 140 minutes for girl gamblers to gain the courage to speak up. And luckily, they did.

Nowadays, more and more chicks are getting into poker, slots, and even blackjack. It seems that women know a lot more about gambling than the public thought. Statistics have shown that women enjoy poker and slots, but also other games of luck.

Fortunately, top girl casino sites offer exactly what a girl gambler needs – a wealthy casino game portfolio. Allowing punters to play for fun or real money, virtual gambling venues are the key to your boredom.

Online casinos are especially convenient at this time when it’s recommended to stay at home. So, why wouldn’t a lady gambler play casino games from a comfy sofa in her living room? Or, women can even play on the go, as most online casinos nowadays are optimized for smartphones and tablets. So many opportunities at your fingertips!


Having said all that, we think it’s safe to call Molly Bloom the Poker Alice of the 21st century. And if you don’t know who Poker Alice was, it’s time for you to learn. Not only was Alice Ivers a skillful poker player, but also a man-eater. You definitely want to read more about this badass lady. Alternatively, you can watch the 1987 movie starring Liz Taylor covering Alice’s biography.

As for Molly Bloom, she’s a motivational speaker who runs courses and holds speeches, teaching women to become successful. Molly Bloom is a published author, an educated, and well-spoken woman who’s changed the world of poker for good.

We have only to hope that such powerful female figures will keep popping up in this industry. Vanessa Selbst and Melika Razavi are already paving the path for future female gambling generations.

Finally, Molly’s Game is hopefully just one film based on real-life gamblers. We believe there are many more underappreciated ladies out there, waiting for their stories to be told by Hollywood.

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