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Fariba Rahimi's dedication to her business and modeling career shows she has a lot to teach entrepreneurs in Norway and internationally.

What entrepreneurs can learn from Versace model Fariba Rahimi

The world of business demands bold leadership, planning, and passion. Fariba Rahimi, the famous Persian Norwegian model, and entrepreneur has proven that she has a good dose of all these requirements.

Fariba Rahimi felt empowered in Norway and she grabbed the opportunities offered to her. This allowed her to strive toward making a career change into the world of business. Her first step was to become a realtor as she also concentrated on her education. 

She started seeing career opportunities in the real estate and building maintenance industry and these business opportunities became her priority. Today Rahimi is a shining example for many young entrepreneurs and is always willing to share advice from the lessons she learned on her way to business success. 

A long walk to realize her dreams

Born 18th of September 1979, life for Fariba Rahimi in Iran would have been completely different if she had not taken bold the decision as a teenager to leave her family behind and move to Turkey. This was the first sign that she had the drive to make it in any field she chose. 

Fariba Rahimi soon realized Turkey was not the place to be if she wanted to make it in the modeling world. Norway was to be her next destination and the place she chose to call home. She has often said that this proved to be one of those decisions that she will never regret. 

Finding her unique place in the world

Norway was where her career as a model took off. It may have been a slow start, but two years in, she started picking up successful projects and soon became famous in Norway and around the world. 

This is the kind of determination that later led to Rahimi finding business opportunities and the real estate market won her over. It took a lot of guts to start her own real estate business, but Fariba knows that success is also driven out of passion. Her passion lies in the property market and Norway has been enjoying a period of growing demand, especially for housing. 

As construction remains weak in the country, Rahimi realized that there was a need for construction and maintenance. Setting up a company in this field requires grit and knowledge. Rahimi acknowledges that she has learned a lot from the real estate sector, but most importantly she listens to people and knows how to read into situations. 

Her management and business skills were enhanced through her efforts to educate herself, but she also feels that these are inbred instincts that everyone has, but need to be developed carefully if they are to emerge. 

Digital technology is helping her develop wonderful ways of doing business, and today most people start their search for a home online before they approach a real estate agent to show them the place. Virtual technology has also positively impacted the construction maintenance business, allowing people to see the result before they commit to maintenance or building work. 

In another strategic business move, Fariba Rahimi decided to re-enter the world of modeling at 38. She was a brand ambassador for Versace, with an incredible following –  and has stepped up her modeling career once more. 

A true inspiration for entrepreneurs today

Her dedication to her business and modeling career shows she has a lot to teach entrepreneurs in Norway and internationally. She has shown that in these times that are both filled with new opportunities but also with a constantly changing reality, one needs to be able to diversify and use every means available to them. 

The modeling world offers as many new opportunities as the business world, and the internet has opened doors for models that were never available before. YouTube and Instagram are fine examples of how models can showcase their work and become influencers, helping others learn about fashion and beauty while also attracting marketing and advertising opportunities. 

Born in a country where women traditionally could not excel, Fariba Rahimi was ambitious and realized at the tender age of 16 that she could reach greater heights elsewhere. Today she can be considered a strong example of what empowerment looks like, not only for women but for suppressed people everywhere. 

Excitement for her work as an entrepreneur and model is what Fariba Rahimi thrives on and she is always ready to pass on her advice to other entrepreneurs. She insists that one of the most important aspects of success for her is her ability to keep her enthusiasm and love for her work alive. When combined with determination and hard work, it is the right recipe for success.

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