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Michelle Andrie – Author of The New Book, Heal.thy Low-Back

Release Low-Back Pain by Understanding the Cause and the Cure

Low back pain affects numerous individuals across all age groups, presenting a challenging obstacle that hinders their everyday lives. This debilitating condition stems from various causes, making it particularly troublesome to address. Fortunately, Michelle Andrie, a globally acclaimed yoga therapist, has devised a program that effectively resolves these agonizing problems. Michelle drew from her personal experience of overcoming her own low-back pain and helping countless people to find freedom from their own back issues. Her belief in empowering each person to independently address and resolve their distinct low-back challenges through a holistic healing approach forms the foundation of her one-of-a-kind publication.

The book serves as an informative workbook that expertly guides readers through targeted myofascial release methods, stretching routines, and strengthening exercises. By embarking on a comprehensive journey, readers gain a deep understanding of the underlying causes of their low-back pain and develop a daily practice to effectively tackle these issues.

If you suffer from low-back pain and are eager to find relief, this book is a must-read for you!

Michelle Andrie, has over thirty-three years of experience as a Myofascial Release Therapist, and an expert in the energy body, shares her expertise, saying, “I have helped thousands of clients live without the burden of low-back pain.” With the desire to spread her knowledge to as many people as possible, Michelle compiled her practices into a straightforward and accessible guide.

The Heal.thy Low-Back Program combines personalized coaching sessions along with a comprehensive program featuring videos. As well as PDFs, and live group Zoom sessions with fellow participants. This program is designed to guide individuals with low-back pain through specific myofascial release methods, stretching routines, and strengthening exercises. It leads them on a journey to understand the root causes of their pain and develop a daily practice to address these underlying issues.

Michelle transformed the successful Heal.thy Low-Back Program into a book by providing readers with the same step-by-step evaluation process she uses to assess her clients’ low-back challenges. This allows readers to assess their specific issues and then she guides them through exercises that target the mental, emotional, and physical aspects required to release these challenges. The book covers various techniques, including myofascial release, breathwork, stretching movements, and strengthening exercises.

Healing low-back pain starts with understanding the root cause of the challenge, which involves considering the physical, mental, and emotional aspects holistically. Once the cause is identified, the next step is to release the held fascia using myofascial release techniques and a specific breathing technique. As the fascia releases, the muscles held by the tightened fascia can open up and relax through stretching. Once the muscles regain their proper function, the bones can realign, and it becomes necessary to strengthen the body to maintain the new low-back posture.

Michelle had been enduring low-back pain for about thirteen years, despite trying everything she could think of and seeking help from numerous specialists. She felt trapped and resigned to a life of chronic pain. However, one day, a small incident involving a golf ball provided her with a glimmer of relief. Curious about this unexpected improvement, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery to learn more. This led her to study the often-overlooked fascia, which connects the mind and body and has a profound impact on muscle contraction and release.

Through extensive studies and guidance from various teachers, Michelle developed a natural healing method that provided lasting relief from her low-back pain.

Michelle Andrie is a gifted teacher and healer and decades of experience of blending knowledge of energy systems and the body are all contained in this practical guide. I wish I had this guide when I first developed low back pain. It wasn’t until I found out about Michelle’s teaching and attended one of her retreats that I was able to understand the simple ways we can heal our low back. I recommend this book for those who have tried everything else to heal their low back, because here you find the answers. The illustrations also help so much to understand how the fascia work so powerfully in our bodies,” A.B.

This book is beneficial for individuals whose back pain limits their ability to live their life to the fullest.

Learn more about Michelle at:Ageless Movement Practice – Age Less Move More

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