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Matt Check's first film, 'Mammoth: Primal Thirst', is a surrealist look into depression and hope. This short film is a must-watch.

‘Mammoth: Primal Thirst’: A surreal, animated, fantasy film

Matt Check is the director of Mammoth: Primal Thirst. This film was made for his senior capstone project at Bloomfield College in New Jersey where he is majoring in 3D animation.

Mammoth: Primal Thirst is described as a surreal fantasy in 3D animation. The story follows Mammoth the Sunflower who is lost in the desert and is searching for a way to quench his thirst.

When talking about what inspired the film, Check says it, “first manifested in my imagination during the Summer of 2017 a few months after my Dad died. I was faced with the crossroads of whether or not to tend to the garden he would always grow each year.

“Looking for hope, I decided to rise to the task. By the time late July came, many of the Mammoth Sunflowers I planted looked so tall and strong; it looked as if they were going to pull themselves out of the ground and run off!”

He also goes on to describe how Mammoth: Primal Thirst was able to help him create a synergy between his music, which he has been making for sixteen years, and his animation – something he’s been dreaming of doing for quite some time.

Check describes the film as such, “This story explores depression and happiness. Mammoth is deprived of what he needs to maintain a healthy life, and progressively gets weaker and more desperate to survive. It is only when we have access to what we need to survive that we flourish and live happier, healthier lives.”

To Matt Check, Mammoth represents hope. And he hopes everyone who watches will be rooting for Mammoth alongside him. We know we certainly are.

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  • This short was incredible, so much technicality in that Mammoth the Sunflower rig. The story is awesome too, so proud of Matt, his hard work payed off!

    June 4, 2020

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