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Still not over Ludwig ending his month long stream? Button smash your way through these reactions to the streamer and his record breaking accomplishment. 

Ludwig’s 30-day stream: How did fans react to the streamer’s finale?

After thirty-one days, the subathon is finally done and Ludwig can get some much needed rest (though we wouldn’t think it considering how much sleep he got on stream). 

Ludwig Ahgren, the American Twitch esports streamer, has finally finished his promised month long stream, breaking the record for most subscriptions to a single channel, a title previously held by Ninja. 

Naturally, fans took to Twitter to voice their shock and good wishes to Ludwig after the streamer spent so many days live. We consulted the stats and found the best reactions to this momentous stream that Ludwig has pulled off. Grab your headsets and button smash your way through these hilarious & heartfelt reactions to Ludwig and the streamer’s record breaking accomplishment. 

Same energy 

Don’t remind us, we’re still crying over the end of Unnus Annus

Conflicted feelings 

. . . Is he going to be ok

I was here 

Ludwig did make his presence known, that much is true. That alone deserves applause. 

Where’d he go? 

We’d hate to be the bearer of bad news, but. . . 

Please rest! 

It’s always nice to see fans put a streamer’s health before new content; Ludwig is a lucky man. 

Not a welcome sight 

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever

Protect at all costs 

That’s the part that got us, too. . . one minute. . . 

Shots fired 

We were wondering when the beef we’re all familiar with on Twitter would start. This is why we can’t have nice things. 

Little things 

Unfortunately, even those small comforts must end. . . 


Ludwig is probably not going to lose that title anytime soon. 

Have any other reactions to Ludwig and the streamer’s subathon? Drop them below in the comments to keep this thread going.

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