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Everyone's talking about Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie 'Licorice Pizza' and it's time you see what all the hype is about. Here's how to watch the movie!

‘Licorice Pizza’: Watch Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie for free now

As we near awards’ nominations season, it appears that Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie is a contender for Oscar gold. Critics are raving that Licorice Pizza is the fifty-one-year-old filmmaker’s best picture in years. Donald Clarke of The Irish Times wrote, “One can scarcely imagine a more enjoyably chaotic way of welcoming the new year.”

Clarke wasn’t the only writer singing praises for Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie. Chris Evangelista evangelically said, “watching Licorice Pizza reminded me why I love movies so much.” Paul Thomas Anderson has been a critical darling for many years now, perhaps since his work in the late 90s cemented him as one of cinema’s key voices.

Not only has P.T.A. been championed by critics for nearly a quarter century, but he’s been a mainstay at the Academy Awards. Every film of his except Punch-Drunk Love has been nominated for Oscars. With the success of Licorice Pizza, it appears that he might be donning a tuxedo again. We’ll tell you how to watch Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie for free.

Licorice Pizza’s new generation of actors

P.T.A. has a bit of a knack for working with actors. His films have featured old Hollywood greats such as Philip Baker Hall & Burt Reynolds. He’s also collaborated with some of the most talented working actors around, like John C. Reilly, Julianne Moore, Joaquin Phoenix, and Daniel Day-Lewis.

P.T. Anderson is also known for showcasing the talent of up-and-coming actors. For instance, Mark Wahlberg was known for his work with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch in the early 90s. However, when Wahlberg starred as Dirk Diggler in 1997’s Boogie Nights, P.T.A. directed him to a stellar performance that would solidify him as a real actor.

Anderson is also responsible for bringing the late Philip Seymour Hoffman to prominence. Hoffman is featured in P.T.A.’s Hard Eight, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, and Punch-Drunk Love. Perhaps Hoffman’s most indelible performance for Anderson was in The Master, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie features fresh-faced actors but is still connected to the director’s past. For example, Licorice Pizza’s male lead Cooper Hoffman is Philip Seymour Hoffman’s son. On the other hand, Alana Haim of the band HAIM has never starred in a movie before.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s award legacy

Being a writer-director, P.T.A. puts a lot of attention on the process of developing his screenplays. This has garnered him Best Original Screenplay nominations for Boogie Nights & Magnolia. Not only has Anderson’s writing been recognized, but his direction has as well. He received Best Director nominations for There Will Be Blood & Phantom Thread

Anderson has also guided some of the best actors around to Oscar-worthy performances. Most notably, Daniel Day-Lewis won the award for Best Actor thanks to his performance as Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood. Additionally, Lewis was nominated for the same category in 2017 for his acting in Phantom Thread.

Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for Best Actor in 2012 for his work in The Master. Other actors & actresses have gotten supporting nominations for their work in P.T.A.’s films. These include Burt Reynolds, Tom Cruise, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, and Lesley Manville.

P.T.A. has worked extensively with Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, whose music appears in Licorice Pizza. Greenwood has been nominated for Academy Awards for There Will Be Blood & Phantom Thread. Perhaps Licorice Pizza will get awards recognition at the upcoming Oscars.

Where to watch Licorice Pizza online

You can stream Licorice Pizza for free on the web by going to or There is also a list of torrented streams on that won’t require you to pay any subscription fee. also has a similar list, but be cautious as these streams could leave your computer with malware.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie Licorice Pizza is generating a ton of hype from critics & audiences alike. There are a ton of ways you can watch the film online to prepare for its potential awards nominations. What’s your favorite Paul Thomas Anderson film? Let us know in the comments!

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