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Edgar Wright's new film 'Last Night in Soho' features an all-star cast with Anya Taylor-Joy and Matt Smith. Find out how you can watch it online for free!

Love Anya Taylor-Joy? Watch ‘Last Night in Soho’ online for free

Edgar Wright’s latest film is out everywhere & it’s a bit of a break from his previous work. Last Night in Soho shares plenty of similarities with Wright’s postmodern comedies like Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz. However, this may be the British director’s first attempt to create a straightforward horror film. This psychological thriller also gets a dose of 1960s nostalgia.

Last Night in Soho features Anya Taylor-Joy & former Doctor Who star Matt Smith. These two acting heavyweights are accompanied by Thomasin McKensie & Diana Rigg. The script was co-written with the help of Krysty Wilson-Cairns. Last Night in Soho utilizes a framing device that in the hands of other filmmakers would potentially feel corny.

The plot centers on Eloise (McKensie), an aspiring dressmaker who was raised by her grandmother (Rita Tushingham). Eloise was brought up on the music & style of 60s London. She gets accepted to fashion school in London, where she moves into an old home that causes her to dream that she’s back in the 60s. Let’s analyze Wright’s new film & find out where to watch it online for free.

A blast from the past

It’s no secret that Edgar Wright is a cinephile. The Baby Driver filmmaker has talked in many interviews about his love of classic film. Last Night in Soho draws specifically on Wright’s obsession with 1960s British cinema. In an interview with IndieWire, Wright listed twenty-five British movies from this period that served as inspiration for Last Night in Soho.

Among them are films like Peeping Tom, a psychological thriller by Michael Powell that drew much controversy for its lurid subject matter. Wright also cited A Taste of Honey as an inspiration for its progressive “kitchen sink realism” in the British New Wave. Antonioni’s Blow-Up was also given credit for its pop art visuals hiding a sinister tale of intrigue.

Despite honoring the films that came before it, Last Night in Soho feels uniquely modern. It’s Wright’s first film with a female protagonist. Additionally, Eloise’s time travel dream sequences push the boundaries of film form.

“London is a lot”

When Eloise enters her dream sequences, she focuses on an aspiring singer named Sandy (Taylor-Joy). Sandy sparks up a romance with a dapper entrepreneur named Jack (Smith). In these visions, Eloise at times watches Sandy from afar or in a mirror’s reflection. Yet in others, she even becomes her.

It’s quite possible this is a symptom of schizophrenia, which we’re told Eloise’s mother had. This question of what’s real & what’s fantasy is what makes Last Night in Soho compelling. Eloise sees how Sandy’s desire to make it big in the entertainment industry shows the dark side of humanity. Will Eloise escape the past or be sucked into it permanently?

Last Night in Soho has the Wright stamp on it for the film’s ability to switch between tones & genres. It’s a mix of a coming-of-age comedy, romance period piece, and psychological horror film. Last Night in Soho premiered at the Venice Film Festival & has since gotten much critical praise. Be sure to look out for it when awards season comes around.

How to watch Last Night in Soho for free online 

There are a number of ways to watch Last Night in Soho for free online. One website that offers it for no charge is gomoviefree. Another way to watch Edgar Wright’s latest work for free online is through Lastly, there are plenty of Reddit pages that have links to torrented websites that allow you to watch Last Night in Soho for free online.

Last Night in Soho from Edgar Wright is the new must-see movie this year. What do you think of Anya Taylor Joy’s performance? Let us know in the comments! 

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