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Kevin Zhang has created a unique training program called eCommerce Millionaire Mastery. What are the benefits of enrolling?

Kevin Zhang shares the benefits of enrolling in the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Program

Today, most people are looking for well-paying jobs that they can do from anywhere. Many adults have been left scrambling for a reliable source of income, and due to the current economic climate, their employment prospects outside the home have diminished. People are looking for ways to experience financial freedom while working from home.

Dropshipping is an excellent way to take advantage of the rise in online sales as it is a  low-overhead business opportunity. Dropshipping simply means that a business owner does not need to be in physical possession of his products or buy inventory in advance of sales. Instead, the owner works with a fulfillment center that sends products directly to the owner’s customers.

Kevin Zhang has created a unique training program called eCommerce Millionaire Mastery that teaches people how to dropship sustainably. This program can be used by anyone, no matter their level of business experience, and covers all the product selection, site design, and marketing information you need to know in order to succeed. Basics of the Program

The program contains over 180 video lessons. These lessons begin with the assumption that the student has little to no business experience, and they cover basic business and marketing principles. The videos then move on to more advanced topics like step-by-step graphics and web design tutorials as well as walkthroughs of launching high-converting Facebook ad campaigns.

Benefits of the Program

Building a fulfillment team for your Shopify business can be challenging, especially since these teams are typically located in another country. Without special connections or native speaking ability, building a connection is difficult. 

When new entrepreneurs participate in his program, Kevin Zhang allows them to use his own fulfillment team. This can help get their businesses off the ground since Kevin’s team has already been tested for success. English-language 24/7 support is also available along with enhanced tracking information for packages.

Video calls

In order to better support his students and fill in any cracks not addressed by the video lessons, Zhang offers weekly live calls where he answers all student questions. These calls can run up to 2 hours long, but Kevin is committed to fully addressing all concerns. 

In addition to Zhang’s weekly calls, he hosts bi-monthly calls with highly successful entrepreneurs. These guest lecturers are able to share their strategies for success, providing invaluable advice to students for getting their new businesses off the ground.

Advertising support

One of the most important parts of the program is the mastery of Facebook advertising. Forty-three percent of B2B (business to business) marketers reported that Facebook was their best social advertising channel. Even B2C (business to consumer) sales are dominated by Facebook.

Understanding how to manipulate Facebook ads to provide the best possible results is one of the key features of the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery program. Zhang has an intimate knowledge of Facebook’s complex algorithms, and he teaches how to optimize an ad campaign to provide the best possible results.

Zhang also provides detailed walkthroughs of each of his most effective advertising plans. Armed with this information, individual entrepreneurs who use the program can increase their chances of success.

Pricing strategies

In the overall business procedures section of the course, Zhang covers pricing. Zhang explains market-based pricing and reveals what entrepreneurs need to do in order to generate 20% to 25% profit margins consistently.

Graphic Design

For students who do not have time to follow the graphic design tutorials of the course, Zhang provides access to his professional graphics design team at an affordable price. The team can offer ad creatives, logos, and website banners. Poor graphics can leave a consumer doubting a business’s legitimacy, so Kevin wanted to make sure his students’ stores had beautiful graphics.

Dedicated Facebook group

The program includes access to a dedicated Facebook group with over 4,000 subscribers. Entrepreneurs can discuss the program among themselves, share tips and tricks, and receive Zhang’s answers on questions.

Account review

If an account meets certain standards, it is eligible to be reviewed professionally by Zhang and his team. The team will give feedback on ads and the structure of their website. This feedback can often make a critical difference in the level of success an entrepreneur achieves.

Dropshipping works in 2020

Dropshipping has become a rising force in the eCommerce industry. While some entrepreneurs have unsuccessfully tried dropshipping before, Zhang’s program provides an incredible amount of depth and supplemental resources to maximize student success. His hundreds of testimonials speak to his ability as a businessman and educator.

Making a bright future for yourself

When entrepreneurs use eCommerce Millionaire Mastery, they will be able to create a prosperous future for themselves. Many are under significant financial strain, and they are looking for safe and effective ways to make money.

Kevin Zhang offers his program as a solution to help budding entrepreneurs succeed. Through his eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Program, even inexperienced entrepreneurs can find a way to make money using dropshipping.



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