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Kevin Meyer announces Major Comeback Highly anticipated Debut Double-Album

Kevin Meyer has been writing about his true tragic story and how he is now viewed in the public’s eye as a suicide survivor. Meyer, a music artist best known for his discography between 2009 through 2019 and for opening and performing live alongside multiple MTV and Billboard Artists.

The New York-based musician stated he is eager to share his experience with the world through his big comeback releases an extended play and debut double-album. Both of which are about his mental health becoming so bad leading up to suicidal tendencies and eventually an attempt in March of 2020. He incorporates all the emotions prior to wanting to take his own life and the recovery stages after his near-death suicide attempt in his music saga.

Meyer, known previously for Pop, Rock, Pop/Punk, and Alternative Rock has turned to Rap for most of the writing, a genre he is knew to but feels is best fit for this multiple release project. Also, it is still music and the musician feels as if there really is not a transition into Hip-Hop and Rap-Rock, it is actually a very natural approach for him. The artist chronicles the events surrounding his attempt on the extended play release titled “Detached,” which features one Pop-Punk song over Trap Beats. “Detached” more of a prelude for the artists major breakout debut double-album which is titled “To Hell And Back”.

Meyer, has also gone on record about choosing multi-plantinum hip-hop mix engineer Mike Bona, who is most notable for working with Public Enemy, Biggie Smalls, Eminem, Rihanna, Cardi B, Rick Ross, Nas, Uncle Murda, Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey, and so many others.

The music artists has been in recovery and as of November 2022, has started to re-release his music slowly through multi-media lyric videos, prepare for his comeback through multiple forms of press, and a social mental health and suicide prevention company called SPPBKM, which Meyer founded, it is abbreviated for suicide prevention presented by kevinmeyer. After visiting Mic Angelo, also known as Mike Bona, and connecting and more than confident to work with as producer and mix engineer at his famous recording studio The Mix Palace located on Long Island, New York, the independent and underground musician is planning for a mainstream break out and make a significant comeback. The two have discussed “Detached” and its follow-up “To Hell And Back ” in-entirely, and they are committed to making both, with a budget that will support several mainstream artists for Kevin Meyer debut full length and major comeback.

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