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The Karens are taking over the neighbourhood. The best way to find your not-so-friendly neighbour is through the app, Nextdoor. Here are funny examples.

Is Karen your neighbour? These Nextdoor app posts say yes

The Karens are taking over the neighborhood. The best way to find your not-so-friendly neighbor is through the wildly entertaining app, Nextdoor. 

For those who out of the loop, Nextdoor is a social network to find your neighbors and discuss what’s happening in your cul-de-sac or apartment. It’s a place to talk to your neighbors for the first time – and find whom to avoid. 

These Karens are particularly entertaining, mainly because of their absurd requests or concerns. They emerged thanks to Nextdoor and some people have posted the most outrageous and hilarious Karens for us all to enjoy. 

Here are some of the craziest Karens on Nextdoor. 

This Karen owns every yard

This post doesn’t actually make any sense, but the Karen is fed up with the lack of yard work happening under quarantine. 

An overly cautious Karen

Apparently this perfectly normal situation called for an urgent alert.


She’s a “very kind and patient person” but will “start reporting every one as harassment.” Not sure what is kind & patient about that, but this real Karen does not seem happy. 

No beekeepers allowed

According to this Karen, bees are not allowed to fly, pollinate, or exist without giving her honey. She’s even willing to go into a “legal battle”. But she was stung as a child, so she’s being reasonable. 

Anti-hexagram Karen

This Karen seems concerned about a bus that has lights. 

Confused Karen

Looks like Nextdoor is losing a Karen.

This one seems backwards

This gang must really be menaces of society. Then again, according to Simon, “I haven’t seen them causing any trouble.” In this situation, Karen is actually the person being reasonable for once. What’s going on?

Speeding Karen

Not sure why Karen brings up the fact that she’s speeding, but I want to see the video of Karen explaining what a “bleached %$$hole” is to her son.

Karen’s very questionable poll

Can I speak to the 6% of people who said “yes”?

Found in Nextdoor. This crazy woman is creating Karens! from FuckYouKaren

This is just a whole new level of Karen

The final evolution of Karen.

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