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Josh Beames has taken lots of gorgeous photos of the Iceland Glaciers. Learn more about Beames and his art here.

Josh Beames documents unique experience of the Iceland Glaciers

A passionate and prolific photographer, Josh Beames provides an unprecedented amount of dedication and thoroughness to his art. His famous photograph titled ‘Iceland Glacier Under Over’ is nothing short of a testament to his work ethic, talent, and dedication.

Capturing the Unprecedented Iceland Glacier Under Over Shot

Whilst hiking in the vast and freezing cold glaciers of Iceland, Josh Beames, alongside his guide, found a mesmerizing, small oasis. This was an extraordinarily rare site as, generally speaking, under such conditions water tends to quickly slip down the ice cracks and consequently disappears extremely quickly.

As a storm passed them by, they found an ice ledge that was conveniently hanging over the water bed- prompting the eminent photographer to immediately start ascertaining a way to capture a photographical shot that could incorporate all the aforementioned elements sufficiently. The only problem, of course, was that he didn’t have any water housing with him that day, stipulating that he didn’t think he needed them as he was on an ice glacier. 

Whilst sitting near the edge of the water, Josh began pondering just how sealed his camera lens was, before eventually dipping it into the water in an attempt to secure his much desired shot. As he lay down with an ice axe in one hand, he looked at his lens “as though it was the last time” he would see it, and dipped it in the ice cold water- successfully capturing an extremely rare moment, and one that is unprecedented in photography.

The artist notes that people should undoubtedly “not try this” despite his aforementioned success in the shooting of the photo, given its significant monetary downside if something goes wrong. On his Instagram, he notes how “this was definitely the most risky shot” he ever took.

How it Started: A Journey of Personal Development and Environmental Protection

Josh Beames initially began his journey as a mere hobby- occasionally taking photos on his Iphone 4, before eventually progressing into a prolific, world-wide photographer.

Being ‘lucky’ enough to be placed near the Great Ocean Road of Australia, as well as the Grampians National Park, Beames was allowed to frequently practice his craft and consistently develop his talent, skill, and arsenal of innovative techniques in a variety of complex settings. Consequently, he quickly progressed into the leading, eminent industry figure that he is today.

Through his fascinating work, Josh Beames aims to help preserve the beauty and complexity of our planet as much as possible. In order to achieve this, he ensures he is always accurately illustrating the gracious and novel nature of the beauty of our planet; portraying the common day to day environmental problems currently threatening  our environment; and actively incentivizing his viewers to make as much an effort as possible to preserve the beauty of our planet. 

For Josh, “It is important to me that people feel a connection to the wondrous planet we inhabit. I hope that my photographs show them just how incredible our world is and why it is so important that we protect it.”

Partnering up with Nikon Australia

As the most recent Nikon Z Creator and Nikon Lecturer, Beames additionally enables less experienced photographers to effectively bypass some of the industry barriers that he had to overcome whilst starting out, and participates in the active transformation of his industry – making it more holistically accessible as a whole and enabling talented people from a variety of cultures and economic backgrounds to pursue photography as a career path. 

“The best thing about photography is that there are simply so many unique opportunities arising consistently that your work eventually just forms itself; it’s dynamic nature makes it a difficult industry to plan ahead for, but it provides a challenging, fascinating experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything” he says. 

Final Notes

Josh also covers a significant amount of property, real estate, and wedding settings, a fact that he has credited as a source of his exceptionally wide experience-related expertise. 

However, even though he has experience in all of these fields, his expertise in the field of landscape photography is especially noteworthy, especially when one considers his talent for capturing unique moments which depict the extraordinary nature of the world which surrounds us. 

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