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We all need a light-hearted romance for the holiday season. Check out the upcoming film 'Jingle Bell Princess' and how you can watch it online for free!

Get jolly and stream the heartfelt ‘Jingle Bell Princess’ for free online

Every year, as soon as the spooky Halloween movies are out of vogue on November 1st, every production studio & television station turns their attention to releasing their best update to an old Christmas story. There’s no shortage of holiday content, from big-budget films in theaters across America to the always beloved Hallmark slate of Mario Lopez falling for Melissa Joan Hart in family holiday adventures. 

One of the more anticipated releases from new kid on the block GAC Family comes Jingle Bell Princess. The movie stars Trevor Donovan & Merritt Patterson in a Maine-based romantic Christmas story that will have you laughing & crying into your eggnog. Here’s where you can see Jingle Bell Princess for free online.

Jingle Bell Princess

Days of Our Lives alum Trevor Donovan plays a widowed man with his young child who lost their mother a few years prior. Merritt Patterson is a princess from an Eastern European country who finds herself stranded after missing her flight, prompting Donovan’s mother to invite her to stay at his home for the holidays. 

One reviewer described it as a “sweet story that addresses the emotional hardship of the death of a parent and a wife two years prior amid the Christmas season. A refreshing break from the current culture with a focus on the TRUE MEANING of Christmas and generational traditions that have deep meaning.” 

Since the movie just dropped on December 4th over the weekend, there are zero reviews on critic site Rotten Tomatoes. However, some viewer reviews on IMDB have given it a score of 7.6/10. While the critics may not always go in for the lower budget, made for TV Christmas movies, thanks to Hallmark & Lifetime, they’ve created a culture of fan-loved films with Jingle Bell Princess being a solid addition.

Where can you watch it free

GAC Family is a relatively new TV channel getting into the holiday movie mood this year. The channel was previously known simply as GAC, which stood for Great American Country back when it was a country music channel. They’re not a part of Hallmark, but one of the owners & persons responsible for the holiday movie push is former Hallmark executive Bill Abbott. 

The network was acquired by new owners who relaunched GAC and another network, Ride TV, in September 2021. GAC became GAC Family, and Ride TV became GAC Living, referred to as Great American Channels. One of the reasons you’re hearing a lot about this channel is that Abbott jumped ship from Hallmark amidst the LBGTQ controversy and seems to want to work with familiar actors such as Donovan & Danica McKellar.

While you can watch the movie on GAC (it has showings live all season long), you can also view it online via the Peacock app. Technically, neither of these options are free since you have to either have cable or satellite TV to access GAC or be subscribed to the Peacock streaming service to watch. Luckily for you, Peacock has a free trial of seven days to allow you to see your favorites or stream this film & others before subscribing.

One significant benefit to all of the online streaming services hitting in the last few years is the ability to see as much content as you want at any point of the day. No longer are the days of rushing home from work or school to make sure you’re there in time for the one Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movie playing that night. Now you can get a free trial of most streaming services to sample films like Jingle Bell Princess. 

What Christmas movies are you most excited about? Are you going to stream them online? Or are you a Hallmark purist, settling in for the annual 25 Days of Christmas marathon?

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