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This week we had the opportunity to have a chat with some members of our
Mini Nation Family about the short film they had produced together.

I would like to tell you the story of four young women. Four citizens of the world who
shared the same dream and ended up meeting in the city of angels to conceive “A
Masterpiece”. These female forces of nature are fighting to establish their future in
the film industry and through this short film, they convey a bittersweet message that
reminds us that the support of the people around us can be the catalyst to provide
the hope to keep fighting.
Madina Ismailova, the writer and director of “A Masterpiece”, reached out to her
acquaintances with a concept she wished to develop but had trouble figuring out
where to start. However, with the help of her friends, Paula Iglesias, Inés Kayali, and
Irene Puente, the current producers of this project, did not hesitate to carry out the
challenge of bringing this story to life as soon as they laid eyes on the script.

Time was not on their side and without any financial backup the reality of achieving
such an ambitious project seemed too far-fetched, not to mention the fact that being
fresh of the boat leaves you with few contacts and resources to rely on. It is worth
mentioning that starting a project while all of the entertainment industry was on
standby due to the pandemic would only complicate every step of their journey.
Throughout multiple occasions during the development process the team felt that it
would be impossible to finish the project, but as they all stated it was necessary for
them to tell this story.
Their efforts and aspirations led them to the great stage where their short film “A
Masterpiece” has been chosen to be part of a significant number of festivals around
the world, such as the “New York Movie Awards”, “BARCIFF”, and the “Rome
Prisma Film Awards”. Their journey was far from being over before taking back home
with them four best short awards, three best international short awards, and three
best director awards.
I would like to tell you a little bit more about them. The producers have known each
other since their early college years, their unyielding chemistry has made them
unstoppable within this field. They want to mold their future inside the Hollywood
industry and will not hesitate to immigrate to a foreign land in order to achieve their
dreams. In their short amount of time in Los Angeles they have already had the
opportunity to be a part of several feature films. Paula Iglesias and Inés Kayali’s sole
focus is to dominate the world of production. They will establish their own production
company in the future and continue doing what they love by creating projects that
they can be proud of. Irene Puente has big dreams of becoming a director, and if she
combines her vision along with this fiery team of overachievers, I have no doubt that
one day she will be. Madina Ismailova is a well-rounded artist whose main goal is to
direct and tell stories. Projects like this one show that she is very talented and has a
unique perspective. Aside from directing, Madina is a passionate writer who has
unusual skills and knowledge in the technical field of cinematography, having trained
in different fields such as lighting and camera departments.
The story of these four diligent young women does not end here. They already have
their second project together in post-production. I would like to point out a particular
moment at the end of “The Masterpiece”. As I see the last leaf hanging in there and
never falling, it reminds me of the potential that prevails within this group of talented
individuals. They will continue to create and tell great stories for which we will be
eagerly be waiting to see in the future. My advice is to keep an eye on their
upcoming projects. All four of them have a promising future that will take them very
far in the entertainment industry.

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