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FD News: Issues, bills and audits

FD News: Issues, bills and audits

More issues ordered for The Bold Type

Today we were amazed to see the Freeform (Disney) diversity-by-numbers project The Bold Type had made it past their first season. Series 2 & 3 have been ordered, albeit with new showrunner Amanda Lasher moving on from the MTV show Sweet/Vicious. We absolutely hated everything about the show apart from the always wonderful Melora Hardin. We guess the frothy feminism, unrealistic portrayals of a career in the media, and dreadful styling were a hit with the tween target audience. We suggest watching the new season of Broad City instead.

It’s bills, bills, bills for streaming giants in Quebec

The Canadian province is saying “décâlisse” to Netflix‘s tax avoidance tactics, unveiling a plan to begin taxing U.S. streaming services who operate in the area. This comes after the Canadian federal government stated last week it won’t force Netflix to collect the (compulsory) goods and services tax from local subscribers, based on Netflix agreeing to invest a cool $400 million in local TV services. On the subject, Quebec finance minister Carlos Leitao mused, “I find it very odd that the federal government would exempt one company from a tax that all companies should collect.” Let’s hope Netflix is saving some of that couch gold after its next Netflix ‘n’ chill sesh.

BBC reveals 9% gender pay gap, but claims no “systemic gender discrimination”

Yesterday, the BBC released a report stating it found 9% gender pay gap – but went on to state it was okay because it falls in line with the UK national average of 18.1%. The report found no “systemic gender discrimination” in the way it pays its staff. We hate to be a pill, but maybe that’s because we heard that they don’t really have that many female staff members in the higher echelons of the organization. The audit, overseen by a former Court of Appeal judge (so it must be legit), was conducted by consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers – you might remember them as the dummies behind the 2017 Oscars envelope mix-up – and legal firm Eversheds. Further reports are due on the topic later this year.

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