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There are several perks to having an iDebit account. Find out what these perks are by clicking here.

Ten things you can do with your iDebit account

Thanks to modern electronic payment systems, it has never been easier to purchase a variety of goods and services within a single click. One perfect example can be seen in the iDebit online transfer service. Let us take a quick look at ten actions which can be performed after opening up an account.

Online casinos

Anyone who is a fan of online gaming and casinos will be happy to learn that a growing number of portals are now accepting iDebit as a payment option. As this is a secure and user-friendly system, playing your favorite games has never been easier. 

Doing away with credit cards

iDebit is unique in the fact that users are able to pay for a purchase directly from their bank account without having to provide credit card details.

Quick transfers

Those with an iDebit card can send money to (or withdraw money from) their financial institution without worrying about any data theft due to the extremely robust protocols which this payment system employs.

Payment confirmations

Are you a merchant and do you wish to know the moment that a payment is received? The good news is that iDebit provides instantaneous confirmation; enabling you to keep track of your accounts. As customers are also notified, this is a great way to offer a superior level of transparency.

A seamless checkout experience

Sellers can easily integrate iDebit into their existing payment system. Assuming that they already have an account, this provides shoppers with a greater sense of flexibility; an important concern in terms of convenience. 

Paying for countless goods and services

The iDebit payment system can be used at any store where it is accepted (both physical retail establishments and online portals). Whether you need to purchase a last-minute gift or you hope to top-up a casino account, iDebit is always at hand. 

Real-time account monitoring

Anyone who already possesses an online banking account is well aware of the convenience that such platforms offer. Why not add to this sense of integration with the use of iDebit? This system allows consumers to monitor their funds with the click of a button. 

Enjoy a greater level of privacy

Data theft is an important concern in this day and age. You will therefore be happy to learn that iDebit does not share any of your details with third-party vendors. This is not always the case with some alternative online payment methods. 

Leverage a clear fee structure

iDebit provides consumers with flat transfer fees, so it is very easy to know how much you will be paying for a transfer in advance. Please note that transfers to and from sportsbooks (at the time that this article was written) can be performed at no charge. 

Getting the most out of exchange rates

As exchange rates are updated on a daily basis, you can remain confident that you are receiving the most accurate transfer ratios. So, the money in your iDebit account will go much further when compared to payment plans which offer only a rough approximation.

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