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Hurt In a Truck Accident in Atlanta? Here are Tips to Go About The Situation

Atlanta is known for its dangerous interstates in the US. The Southern hospitality in Georgia doesn’t extend to I-285, and accidents are common. When we talk of accidents, truck accidents are common and result from reckless driving, drunk driving, faulty vehicles, and more. Also, the I-285 wasn’t designed for heavy usage, and the many trucks and blind/sharp turns on the roads can also lead to massive jams and crashes. If you incur injuries in a trucking accident in Atlanta, there are various ways to go about your case.

Here are some tips

  1. Stay safe&collect evidence

Prioritize your safety and that of others first. Once you’ve ensured everyone is safe, gather evidence from the scene since you’ll need it to file a compensation claim. Take photos of the accident scene and capture visible damages to the vehicle.

Any Truck Accident Attorney in Atlanta will also advise that you get witness statements. Note down their statements or record them, and get their contacts. Maintain a detailed record of all communication related to the accident. This may include conversations with insurance companies, medical providers, and the police.

  1. Call the police

In Atlanta, like in many other cities, it’s recommended to call the police after a truck accident. The police can help secure the accident scene and ensure the safety of all. Also, they will direct traffic and set up warning signs to help prevent further accidents or hazards. The police will draft an official accident report documenting essential details about the accident. The information will be invaluable when filing insurance compensation forms. Your attorney will also use it to defend your case.

  1. Seek medical attention

Truck accidents can result in various injuries, and some can be fatal. Seek prompt medical attention and get proper documentation from the health provider. The insurance company may use any delays to deny you compensation. Also, only seek help from a licensed doctor, and have notes of the diagnosis and tests well documented. Your lawyer will use this to determine the probable compensation.

  1. Document everything & track your expenses

An accident will affect your livelihood and finances in many ways. Keep proper documentation of costs or losses and share a copy with your attorney. Things to keep track of include; medical bills, property damage, loss of income, therapy bills, out-of-pocket expenses, etc. The information is vital, and your attorney will use it to determine the extent of damage and negotiate favorable compensation.

  1. Hire a skilled truck accident attorney

Truck accident claims are complicated, and Atlanta isn’t an exception. The insurer will want to save as much as possible, and you risk getting a lower settlement without legal aid. Therefore, hire an attorney and have them help you fight for your rights. The professional will maintain proper documentation and gather adequate evidence to improve your compensation chances.


Common injuries in truck accidents require prompt medical attention. Have a record of the diagnosis and hire an attorney to uphold your rights. With proper representation, you will hold the responsible party liable and get a favorable case outcome.







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