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Humorous Group Activities You Can Enjoy in London

Most people know the popular phrase that laughter is good for the soul. It is also something that is good for bonding with others and building strong friendships. This means that when it is time to arrange a friend get-together, you might want to choose an activity that is humorous and fun.

But, what humorous group activities are there to do in London? There are quite a few that might surprise you. Let’s take a look at what the capital city has to offer friends looking for a laugh.

Book a Comedy Show

Have you ever been to a comedy show before? This could be the perfect place to head with a group of friends if you are looking to let your hair down and laugh the night away. There are comedy clubs in London, such as Comedy Carnival, which offer a variety of stand-up comedy shows. You can listen to stories, laugh at jokes and realise that things can always be worse than what you imagined. Indeed, you can laugh at other people’s misfortunes.

Therefore, for a humorous group activity in London, consider booking a comedy show. It will be best to do some research before getting tickets. In particular, you want to find out about comedians and understand their humour to make sure your friends will like them.

Go to a Ball Pit Cocktail Bar

Not everybody wants to grow up, and if this is how you and your friends feel, there is one place you have to visit in London. We are talking about the ball pit cocktail bar. This is where you can enjoy some refreshing and exciting cocktails. Then, you can let loose with your friends in the giant ball pits. You can have a laugh, enjoy some nostalgia and even make the most of the music here.

It is going to be best to pre-book your tickets if you want to enjoy a ball pit cocktail bar. This ensures you can have fun with your group. You will gain two hours of access to the ball pits. There is even the opportunity to enjoy brunch here with your group of friends.

Work Together in a VR Escape Room

Most people have done an escape room before. Perhaps this is something you have completed with your friends, and you want to try something new. Well, we have a great suggestion, which is going to be a lot of fun for you and your friends. We are talking about a VR escape room. This takes things to a whole new level.

VR stands for virtual reality and this means that you can put on a headset with your friends, and you will be transported to another world. This could be something like a Zombie apocalypse or laser tag. Either way, there are some fantastic worlds you can join with your friends and have some fun.

Speed on the Thames

When most people think about getting a boat on the Thames, they consider a relaxing tour. You know the ones we are talking about; you sit back, take in the views and perhaps hear some history about London. If you are looking for something slow and a way to unwind this may be for you. Of course, this might sound boring to you and your friends if you are looking for some excitement. Well, do not rule out the boat ride just yet. We have something else in store that you might like.

We are talking about getting a speed boat on the Thames. This is quite an experience, and it is going to make you laugh and get the adrenaline pumping. You are going to be speeding across the water and having an adventure. Sure, you can take in the sights of London. But, make sure you hold onto your hats!

Go Indoor Skydiving

Have you always wanted to go skydiving but your friends are too scared? Well, if you are afraid of heights, this is probably not the type of activity you can all enjoy together. But, we do have something that might be a compromise for your friendship group. Have you ever thought about enjoying indoor skydiving?

Indoor skydiving is something that you can enjoy together, watching each other have a similar experience. You can get the sensation of skydiving but without the whole jumping out of the plane part. Some places in London actually have a virtual reality version, which can make it more realistic if you are feeling brave.



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