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Here’s How to Watch ‘Super Mario Bros’ At Home To See If Chris Pratt Nails The Voice online free

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While the casting was initially controversial, the reviews speak for themselves. So if you missed it in the cinemas and are wanting to know how to watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie at home, we’ve got your streaming solution.

Film and TV adaptations of video games have had a tumultuous and checkered history, with the original Super Mario Bros. from 1993 declared among the most disastrous. But off the back of HBO’s critically acclaimed The Last of Us, based on the Playstation/Naughty Dog production and Netflix’s Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, an incredible anime series based in the same universe as CD Projekt Red’s story-driven, open-world RPG from 2020; things aren’t looking so bad anymore. However, the trailer for the 2023 Super Mario Bros film certainly got the Nintendo fandom talking, loudly, we might add, about Mario’s new voice. “I totally get it, man,” Pratt told Gizmodo on March 29, 2023. “There’s a passionate fan base and I’m one of the fans. I get it. Mostly, people don’t want something like this to get screwed up. They’re precious about it. They’re careful. And I’m grateful for that.”

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In adapting this titular Nintendo character and his universe, Day and Pratt said they have both been huge fans of the IP for years. “My very first memory is the arcade. And then shortly after, probably within six months to a year, the NES came out and we had one in our house and boy, yeah, the rest is history,” Pratt told Gizmodo. “I remember playing Donkey Kong, but I don’t think it was until I owned Super Mario Bros. that I put together that that was Mario and Donkey Kong. That you, kind of, after the fact realized it. But what I remember is my set came with a double [game]. It was both Mario and Zelda. You could play either one and it was great. I played them both as much as I possibly could,” Day said.

How to watch Super Mario Bros. Movie at home


How can viewers watch Super Mario Bros. Movie at home? Super Mario Bros. Movie is available to stream on Peacock, which offers three plans: a Peacock Free, which users can sign up for with just their email; Peacock Premium, which includes ads and costs per month; and Peacock Premium Plus, which is ad-free and costs per month.


One way to watch Super Mario Bros. Movie online for free is to be an Xfinity subscriber or know someone who is. Customers who have Xfinity Flex, Xfinity X1, Xfinity Internet or Xfinity Digital Starter TV accounts can receive a Peacock Premium subscription for free. Peacock has a guide for how to connect your Xfinity and Peacock accounts, but we also listed the steps below

Create an account
Link your Xfinity account
Start watching the Super Mario Bros.


Another way to watch Super Mario Bros. Movie online for free is to be a Cox subscriber or know someone who is. Cox customers with an Essential internet plan or a higher video package can receive a free subscription to Peacock Premium. Customers with Cox’s Contour Stream Player or Starter Video plans also have access to free Peacock Premium. Peacock has a guide for how to connect your Cox and Peacock accounts, but we also listed the steps below.

Create an account
Link your Cox account
Start watching Super Mario Bros. Movie

Who’s in the Super Mario Bros. Movie movie cast?

Who’s in the Super Mario Bros. Movie cast? It’s a star-studded cast to be sure. In addition to Chris Pratt’s Mario and Charlie Day’s Luigi, here’s who joins the ensemble:

Chris Pratt as Mario: A struggling plumber from Brooklyn, who is accidentally transported to the world of the Mushroom Kingdom and embarks on a quest to save his brother.
Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach: The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario’s guide, mentor, and love interest.
Charlie Day as Luigi: Mario’s timid, younger fraternal twin brother and fellow plumber, who is captured by Bowser and his army.
Jack Black as Bowser: A monstrous, fire-breathing spiky-shelled turtle and the king of the Koopas, who rules the Dark Lands, steals the powerful Super Star, and plots to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom.
Keegan-Michael Key as Toad: A mushroom humanoid resident of the Mushroom Kingdom, who aspires to go on his first real adventure.
Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong: A powerful gorilla and heir to the throne of the Jungle Kingdom.
Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong: Donkey Kong’s father, who rules the Jungle Kingdom and leads the Kong Army.
Sebastian Maniscalco as Foreman Spike: Mario and Luigi’s former boss from the Wrecking Crew.
Charles Martinet, who voices Mario and Luigi in the Mario games, makes cameo appearances throughout the film.
Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek: A Koopa sorcerer and Bowser’s advisor and informant.

As mentioned, there was a pretty significant backlash to Pratt’s casting in the beginning. “There were certainly discussions of how best to voice the character,” Pratt told Yahoo Entertainment. “We tried a lot of different things and ultimately settled on the voice that you hear when you watch the movie. I’m really happy with it, and I think people are gonna really enjoy it.”

In the video games, voice actor Charles Martinet has provided the “Woo-hoos!” for Mario and his brother Luigi and fans will be pleased he makes cameos as several characters in the 2023 film, including Mario and Luigi’s father. Pratt said his inspiration for the voice of Mario was based on a few of his favorite Brooklyn people, though he fell short of naming who. “I had a few [actors] I was aiming at, but if I say them out loud, it could potentially affect people’s ability to watch the performance,” Pratt said. “So, I won’t say it, but I had a signpost.”


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Super Mario Bros. movie. Image: Universal Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

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