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Watch Online Anime – Anime Take, Anime-Planet, and AnimeLab

There are several ways to watch anime online. You can try Anime Take, Anime-Planet, or Animelab. However, if you want to watch anime from other regions, you may have to wait for Crunchyroll. However, these three sites are worth checking out, because they offer top-class streaming features.

Anime Take

If you are looking for a website to watch Anime Take online, you have come to the right place. There are a number of reliable sites that offer high-quality anime videos. They also offer English subtitles and call-in features. These websites also have a clutter-free interface and a huge amount of content.

You can also watch anime online for free anime-168 with some of these sites. Some of the best streaming sites for anime are Netflix and AnimeHeroes. Both provide high-quality video and are available on most devices, including PCs. Another popular site is AnimeKarma, which is considered a hidden gem in the anime community. You can find thousands of episodes through this website, and it’s continually updated.

Another great website to watch anime online is, which offers top-class streaming features like multi-device syncing. This site also has Chromecast support, allowing you to stream anime from anywhere. While this service is free, you will be asked to watch advertisements in order to watch your anime.


Anime-Planet is an excellent place to watch anime online. It is free, features high definition, and brings anime lovers from around the world together. It is very convenient, too! There are many anime shows and movies that you can stream online.

Anime-Planet is incredibly easy to use. The site has an easy-to-navigate user interface, and millions of viewers visit it daily to watch anime and manga. The website’s uptime is 100%, so you don’t have to worry about the server going down. It also offers complete privacy. No one else will be able to watch your favorite shows.

The site is completely free and you can watch as many anime as you want. There are more than 40,000 anime videos available, so you’ll find something to suit your tastes and preferences. There are even recommendations and community features to help you find your next favorite show. Anime-Planet was founded in 2001 and has millions of users worldwide.


Animelab is an anime streaming website that allows you to watch anime online for free. You can select from more than 2500 anime series in their database. The site is easy to navigate with drop-down menus so you can choose your favorite show. You can also watch anime by genre, from adventure to romance to horror. You can find old favourites like Naruto as well as newer Japanese anime series.

AnimeLab offers dubbed anime, although most of the dubbed series are only available with a premium subscription. The site also has a program that allows you to view anime with subtitles. If you’d rather watch English anime instead of Japanese, you can use AnimeLab’s Simulcast feature. This feature allows you to watch anime on multiple devices at once.

Animelab merges with Crunchyroll

AnimeLab is no more. With the merger, Sony-owned Funimation Global Group is now operating as Crunchyroll, LLC. The merger will provide one global brand for anime content. Funimation will continue to produce anime, but will now be known as Crunchyroll.

As part of the merger, AnimeLab will become part of FunimationANZ and will shut down on June 17. Users of the service will be migrated over to FunimationANZ. They will also be able to continue their subscriptions as usual. FunimationANZ also says that it plans to add more ways for viewers to stream anime.

The new service will also offer library content and simulcast content from both companies. The library will include more than 50 titles and 1,600 hours of content. Additionally, future new anime series will also be made available. The combined service will offer more than 40,000 episodes of Japanese animation.


If you’d like to watch anime online, there are several different ways to do so. One way is to sign up for a free trial at Funimation’s website. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be provided with an email address and password to access the website. Another option is to sign up via Facebook. The good news is that the website supports virtually every device and provides direct access to all shows.

You’ll find thousands of anime on Funimation, including new releases, dubbed episodes, and classic favorites. You can also filter the library by genre, language, and age rating. The site also offers recommendations for new content. You can also check out its blog for news about upcoming anime releases. There’s also a schedule page, which will let you know when new episodes will be released.

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