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How to Use Free Gems Tapjoy in Shadow Fight 2

Using free gems with Tapjoy in Shadow Fight 2 Unlimited Gems Coins and Enchantment is a great way to get more rewards and collectibles without spending real money. You can earn additional gems by completing tasks, such as surveys or downloading apps.

How to Use Free Gems Tapjoy in Shadow Fight 2

To use the free gem offer from Tapjoy:

  1. Open Shadow Fight 2 and go to the Store page.
  2. Select the “Free Gems” section from the list of items.
  3. Press the “Tap to earn gems” button and you will be taken to a page that shows available offers.
  4. Choose an offer then follow the on-screen instructions to complete it. Once you have earned enough gems, they will be added to your account.

How to Get Free Gems in Shadow Fight 2 iOS

The best way to get free gems in Shadow Fight 2 for iOS is by completing quests.  By taking on and completing different quests, you can earn rewards such as coins, gems, and experience points. You can also receive bonus rewards by linking your Facebook account with the game.


Additionally, you can purchase packs of gems from the in-game store using real money. You can also earn gems through daily rewards and by watching promotional videos in the game.


There are some cheats available online that allow you to generate free gems, but these should be used with caution as they may not be legitimate or could put your account at risk.


By completing quests, linking your Facebook account, purchasing packs of gems, and earning daily rewards, you should be able to get enough gems for your Shadow Fight 2 game without spending any money.

Get a lot of Gems in Shadow Fight 2 for Windows Without Downloads

One of the easiest ways to get a lot of gems in Shadow Fight 2 for Windows without downloads is by playing through all the levels and missions. 


  1. Completing each level or mission will reward you with gems, and it’s an easy way to build up your inventory. It can be time-consuming but if your goal is to get a lot of gems, it’s the most reliable option.
  2. Another way to get gems without downloads is to take advantage of any promotions or bonus offers that might be available in-game. These can range from referral bonuses for inviting friends and family to play Shadow Fight 2 to special seasonal events with extra rewards.
  3. You can also purchase gems from the in-game store, although this requires real money. Finally, you can look for online guides and tutorials that might provide extra tips for earning gems without downloads.

How to Get Free Gems in Shadow fight 2 Without Human Verification

If you want to get free gems in Shadow Fight 2 without human verification, there are a few methods you can try.


One of the most popular ways is to use online generators. These generators allow you to generate as many gems as you need for free and with no risk of getting banned or your account compromised.


Another method is to join online communities that offer Shadow Fight 2 related promotions. Some of these could be giveaways or contests that offer free gems as rewards. You should always read the rules carefully before entering any of these events.


Finally, you can also find websites and apps that offer tips on how to get free gems in Shadow Fight 2 without human verification. These websites and apps usually provide detailed information on how to obtain free gems without having to go through any verification process. They are safe and reliable, as well as easy to use.

Final Words

Whichever route you decide to take, make sure that you keep your Shadow Fight 2 account secure at all times and never share your personal information with any third parties. And if you ever come across any suspicious activity, contact the game developer immediately. With these tips, you should be able to get your hands on some free gems in Shadow Fight 2 without human verification.


By following some of these strategies, you’ll be able to build up your gem supply quickly and easily. You can use the free gems earned from Tapjoy to purchase new weapons and upgrades in Shadow Fight 2. This is a great way to get more out of the game without spending money!


Good luck and enjoy playing Shadow Fight 2!


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