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How to choose the best email Popup design

Email popups are an effective way to capture email addresses and build your email list. However, with so many popup designs available, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your website. In this blog, we will discuss some tips for choosing the best email popup design.

Consider the Purpose of Your Popup

Before choosing a design, you need to consider the purpose of your popup. Are you using it to offer a discount, promote a new product, or simply to capture email addresses? The purpose of your popup will determine the type of design you need. For example, if you are offering a discount, a popup that highlights the discount with bold colors and a clear call-to-action (CTA) button would be ideal.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to designing email popups, less is often more. Keep the design simple and avoid cluttering the popup with too much text or too many images. Use a clean, minimalist design that is easy on the eyes and highlights the most important information.

Use Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Your headline is the first thing people will see when they land on your popup, so make it attention-grabbing. Use bold, eye-catching fonts and colors to make your headline stand out. Your headline should also clearly communicate the benefit of subscribing to your email list.

Make It Easy to Close

While popups can be effective, they can also be annoying if they are difficult to close. Make it easy for people to close your popup by including a visible X button in the corner of the popup. You can also include a clear message that lets people know they can close the popup by clicking outside the box.

Use High-Quality Images

If you are using images in your popup, make sure they are high-quality and relevant to your message. Avoid using generic stock images and instead use images that are unique to your brand. If you don’t have high-quality images, consider hiring a professional photographer or using free stock image websites.

Optimize for Mobile

More and more people are browsing the web on their mobile devices, so it’s important to ensure your popup is optimized for mobile. Use a responsive design that adjusts to different screen sizes and test your popup on multiple devices to ensure it looks and functions correctly.

A/B Test Your Designs

Finally, the best way to determine the best email popup design for your website is to A/B test different designs. Create two or more variations of your popup and test them against each other to see which one performs best. This will help you identify the design elements that resonate with your audience and improve your conversion rate.


In conclusion, choosing the best email popup design requires careful consideration of the purpose of your popup, a simple and attention-grabbing design, high-quality images, mobile optimization, and A/B testing. With these tips, you can create an email popup that effectively captures email addresses and helps you grow your email list.

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