HomeNewsFD News: ‘House of Cards’ falls; McGowan charged; CineLove lives

FD News: ‘House of Cards’ falls; McGowan charged; CineLove lives

A film festival in the comfort of your own home? Cine.love, a new streaming service for independent film, is set to launch this Winter. Find out more here.

FD News: ‘House of Cards’ falls; McGowan charged; CineLove lives

House of Cards to finally fall in final sixth season

Netflix’s premier original series House of Cards is to finally end in its sixth season. The Kevin Spacey-led show was Netflix’s big opening act when it came to producing its own original content. The recent Spacey scandal has been linked with the cancellation.

The series tied up its fifth season with a cliffhanger ending, as Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), completed her path to power. Many fans argue that the fifth should have been the last, or that it should have ended seasons ago. We think the cancellation is part of Netflix moving on with its original content expansion. That, or perhaps the sixth season ran over the budget with something like a giant monster attack. Robin Wright versus Godzilla. That’d be great.

Arrest warrant for narcotics issued for Rose McGowan

A warrant for the arrest of actress Rose McGowan (Charmed) has been issued, for possession of narcotics, in the state of Virginia. McGowan is a central figure in the on-going Weinstein scandal, recently arguing she was offered over $1m to stay silent and not push forward allegations.

McGowan’s charge comes from a search of her belongings from a recent flight. She categorically denies any of the charges. McGowan has tweeted that the warrant is completely untrue. “Are they trying to silence me?”, she asked.

Cine.Love Lives

In some much less depressing news, a whole new streaming service for independent filmmaking is launching this Winter. Cine.love is tailored for cinephiles and indie film obsessives, as it hopes to break the barrier of entry and bring the film festival straight to your internet pipeline. The service offers a platform of curated content, from movies and shorts, to TV shows and all kinds of indie delights. It launches for just $4 per calendar month and is available in the UK and USA.

Cine.love is part of a whole deluge of streaming services, but the idea of democratizing film even further is pretty neato. Having an entire film festival in the comfort of your own home is totes cool stuff. The service is also hoping to expand quickly into original content by Spring of next year, and we couldn’t be more hyped.

The platform is currently looking to collaborate with indie filmmakers, find out more here.

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