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The stamp of R-rating on a movie makes our brains go dizzy. Here are the hottest movie sex scenes to get you hot under the collar.

The hottest movie sex scenes: It’s no wonder these moves are rated R

The stamp of R-rating on a movie makes our brains go dizzy. Is it because they swear in the movie? A lot of filthy words? Nudity? Or, all over to the other end of the spectrum – a full-fledged sex scene? A great cinematic sex scene can really do it for many, how else do you explain Netflix & Chill?

It’s no wonder a lot of movies bare it all when it comes to sex scenes. Even though much of it seems unrealistic – they make the first times look oh-so-easy – there are still some really messy yet erotic scenes that deserve a watch.

Risky Business

How does sex in public sound? Steamy? How does sex on a train sound, then? Steamy & bumpy. That’s exactly what Tom Cruise & Rebecca De Mornay did. They made it look like a piece of cake, but to see a young, charming Tom Cruise get in the mood on a moving train is very satisfying. Risky Business takes its name quite literally.

American Pie

Everyone knows there are many reasons American Pie is rated R, but our choice of reason are the part-hilarious, part-saucy scenes. One of them is the tongue tornado. Yes, you read it right. Kevin Myers, in a bid to convince his girlfriend Vicky that he’s not just using her to lose virginity, chooses the other way. We’re all for a woman being pleasured, but to see a cheat sheet looking like a mind-map 

In fact, right as she’s about to climax, her dad almost walks in. Thankfully, better sense prevails, but if American Pie taught us one thing, it’s a reminder to lock the door.

Blue is the Warmest Color

No list of the best sex scenes can be complete without the mention of Blue is the Warmest Color. A teenager – Adele – and an older art student – Emma – get involved in a raunchy relationship after meeting in a gay bar. 

For starters, Blue is the Warmest Color opens with a long sex scene. Throughout the movie there’s quite a bit of foreplay, arousal, masturbation…you get the drift.

All The Bright Places

Based on author Jennifer Niven’s eponymous novel, All The Bright Places is a heartbreaking story. But to see a coming-of-age tale of two layered characters with so much chemistry adds to the overall sexual tension. 

Violet & Theodore have a fiery chemistry, an inimitable emotional connection, and an understanding. So when these two finally do the deed, the impact gets amplified by a hundred times. These kids can teach us a thing or two about young passion. 

The Boy Next Door

The chemistry between Claire & Noah, played by Jennifer Lopez & Ryan Guzman respectively,  goes wild with a little foreplay. Initially, Claire feels it’s wrong – due to their age difference – but even she gives in wholeheartedly to her emotions. That’s all they needed to create one of most fiery & erotic scenes in cinematic history. 

The Boy Next Door is supposed to be an erotic psychological thriller. While it’s terrible at being a psychological thriller, we do have some good things to say about the erotic bit.


Not a lot of people talk about it, but no scene in cinema has managed to pack all the emotions – from fear, urgency, hunger, tension, lust, romance, honesty – into 3 minutes the way Atonement’s library scene has. Of course, it’s the ultimate fantasy for the lot of us – a surge of sexual tension that culminates & climaxes (pun intended) into reckless abandon against a bookshelf. 

Keira Knightley’s green dress is hard to forget & the way the scene ends does nothing to dampen how we feel about what just happened.

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