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Is Vice President Kamala Harris a member of the BTS ARMY? Shine on through the city with a little funk and soul with the newest member of the ARMY.

Is Kamala Harris an ARMY? See why BTS stans think she’s one of them

The BTS ARMY is definitely an institution in the K-pop community, who are comprised of people from around the globe and all walks of life. Even up to the . . . the Vice Presidency? On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris made history by being the first woman, the first black, and the first Asian American to hold the second-highest office in the US. And, as we learned, she’s part of the BTS ARMY as well.

But, is she really? Or is the internet messing with all of us. We’re taking a look to see if Vice President Harris is truly part of the BTS ARMY. Because, hey, anyone can be a member of the ARMY in all walks of life. Why not the Vice President of the United States, huh? K-pop is meant for everyone to enjoy.

Comes down to social media

The BTS ARMY lost its collective mind when they realized that Harris followed the Kings of K-pop from the official Vice President Twitter account. Now, given how impeccable Harris looked yesterday for the Inauguration, it’s clear that she knows what’s good in life right now. For many, this should not be a huge surprise as she features “Boys with Luv” on her Spotify playlist. 

While the Inauguration yesterday was scaled down due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US (which crossed to 400,000 deaths on Tuesday), it was another little breath of joy that many on the Internet have held onto. Also, just another reason why Madam Vice President is so awesome. She knows what’s up with BTS, and the ARMY knows she knows.

How is the BTS ARMY reacting? 

Based on what we’ve been seeing on Twitter, they’re pretty happy with the news that VP Harris is one of them. It’s definitely fun to learn when someone famous enjoys something that you do. It’s a moment of connection without actually meeting the person, you know? Hopefully, if BTS gets to tour in the States again then VP Harris can meet the boys. 

Currently, however, she and President Biden are focusing on several crises at once. From getting bigger stimulus checks out to getting the COVID-19 pandemic under better control, they can’t enjoy many of the fun perks of the office right away. When things get a bit more under control? Yeah, we sincerely and truly hope that she gets to meet the members of BTS. 

VP Harris only followed around 700 accounts from the VP account, and BTS made the cut. So, clearly, there’s a lot of love there from the Vice President.

Great music

While BTS didn’t perform at the inauguration, the Biden Presidency is starting off with some stellar musical performances. Lady Gaga stunned yesterday in both her gown and her rendition of the American national anthem. Jennifer Lopez gave a truly powerful bilingual performance of “This Land is Your Land “ and “America the Beautiful”.  Garth Brooks also sang “Amazing Grace” as well. 

During the inauguration ceremonies, hosted by Tom Hanks, Katy Perry slayed a performance of “Firework”. Other stars who lent their vocal talents to the special are Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Demi Lovato, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tim McGraw, Tyler Hubbard, DJ Cassidy, Yo-Yo, Bon Jovi, The Black Pumas, Dave Grohl, and more. It was basically everyone. 

Even though BTS couldn’t be there. The fact that Vice President Kamala Harris appears to be part of the BTS Army does make you really smile, you know? It’s just something fun to come out of the office, and it’s a needed dose of lightness. Of course, the real question is, who does Madam Vice President stan in BTS

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