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The 'Gossip Girl' revival has released its first official trailer. Prepare to log on to see what Gossip Girl will reveal in season 1.

XOXO, ‘Gossip Girl’ is back: Watch the exclusive trailer for season 1 now

The Gossip Girl revival has been a topic eagerly discussed amongst those online for about a year now. People are curious & fascinated to see how the world of Gossip Girl will be brought forth in the year 2021. The trailer for season 1 of the revival has dropped, showing fans of the original series just what is going on with this new generation. And what do we know?


Well, according to Gossip Girl (Kristen Bell), “There’s a big secret amongst the ruling class at Constance Billard.” Who wants to bet someone killed a guy? Still, the reactions for the season 1 trailer for Gossip Girl are here. Let’s take a look at what Twitter has to say about the beloved series returning for the new generation. 


The fandom arises

Gossip Girl has arisen from the ashes once again!



A lot happened in that trailer, but fans are intrigued



We have gotten older, but the drama compels us as it ever did.


Not a surprise

Most of the plot of Gossip Girl is side-eyes and pouting. Let’s be real.


Drag him

Plot twist! 


They’ve always been here

Don’t call it a comeback!


Who is who?

Time to organize people into their stereotypes before they’re fleshed out.


Who to stan? 

Also it’s time to figure out who you’re going to stan based on the trailer.



Huh. It does give off some Elite vibes.



Apologize now because you won’t be when Gossip Girl drops.

Gossip Girl will premiere on HBO Max on July 8 with new episodes dropping weekly. 

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