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FD News: Lewis exits; Goddard enters; ‘Venom’ begins

‘Venom’ has begun filming, after a decade of being stuck in development hell. Could Tom Hardy’s superstar status lead to Sony’s own cinematic universe?

FD News: Lewis exits; Goddard enters; ‘Venom’ begins

Joe Lewis exits Amazon Studios amid sexual harassment rumors

Drama and comedy executive Joe Lewis has exited Amazon Studios, and Sharon Tal Yguado has been promoted to tackle all scripted programming in the wake of this decision. Lewis himself has been the subject of sexual harassment claims, alongside those made against Roy Price last week. Price, then president of Amazon Studios, was suspended for similar allegations.

While Amazon Studios itself is shifting from niche stories to bigger and broader narratives hoping to play into international markets, the company has been caught up in the Weinstein storm that has ripped Hollywood apart. We feel a tectonic shift happening within the entertainment industry as consequences for decades of secret abuse flood out.

Drew Goddard says “Yes, more!” to Nevermoor

Drew Goddard, cult film luvvie who brought us The Cabin in the Woods and penned The Martian, is bringing Nevermoor to life. The kids’ fantasy book, written by Jessica Townsend, will be released this Halloween and follows a girl born on an unlucky day who is taken into the magical city of Nevermoor. Goddard is attached to produce and write the script, while completing his own project Bad Times at the El Royale for Fox.

Goddard is a hot ticket right now, having been involved in Netflix’s Daredevil and now moving on to Fox’s X-Men spinoff, X-Force. Nevermoor sounds like a treat of a story, perfectly suited to his interests & style.

Venom begins shooting, world confused

Sony PicturesVenom has finally begun filming today after a decade of development hell. The Spider-Man spin-off, with Tom Hardy in the lead and directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), has languished for almost ten years. Sony has long hoped to build up its own little cinematic universe, to help get the same box office reserves that Marvel taps into every six months.

Venom follows the titular Spider-Man villain, a dark, disturbing character ripe for a horror story. Tom Hardy is no stranger to comic book flicks, having portrayed Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. The official Venom Twitter account posted only a little taste of the film’s first day of production. Here’s hoping the new project injects some welcome horror into the superhero adaptation universe.

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