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There are plenty of good options for gifts to get people who are movie fanatics. Check out some budget-friendly gift options for movie fanatics.

Budget-Friendly Gift Guide for Movie Fanatics

Everyone most likely has a friend in their circle that’s a film buff, and when their birthday is coming up or it’s the gift-giving season, the only thing you can think of is to get them something related to their love for films and movies. 

Try getting to know what movies, series, or franchises they actually like and follow to make sure they get excited over your gift. For sure they’re a fan of cult classics like The Godfather, or series like Harry Potter or Star Wars so you know to get them something Harry Potter-themed or you could check out some Star Wars gift ideas

Here are some budget-friendly ideas for your movie fanatic friends:

Funko Pops

As Funko Pops’ tagline goes, “Everyone is a fan of something” and they’re one of the easiest collectible toy gifts you can give to someone as a gift. They have virtually anything and everything for every major movie franchise. For as low as $11, you can get them the Funko Pop of their favorite character that can keep and collect. 

Blockbuster-themed Board Game

Remember that time we still went out to rent out movies and videotapes from Blockbuster? Well, there’s a Blockbuster-themed board game for movie trivias and quotes that you could play with family and friends. Surely, your friends’ knowledge of random movie quotes memorized from hundreds of times of watching will come in handy. 

Ticket-stub Diary

A ticket-stub diary is something they’d also love and appreciate if they’re into scrapbooking! Keep the movie dates in memory by getting it for $14 at

Martin Scorsese Filmmaking Classes

If your friend is also a fan of award-winning director Martin Scorsese, get them his online class on He has great video lessons on how to work with actors, and some crash courses on visual storytelling. 

Canvas Director Chair

This gift is also great if aside from loving films, they’re also into filmmaking. The iconic canvas director chair helps make them legit and they’re surely gonna love getting it as a gift from their friends. 

Scratch-off Movie Posters

Scratch-off movie posters are great gifts for those who never want to miss out on anything. They can scratch off movies they’ve already seen or make them watch some that they haven’t. They can also hang it for display on a wall to brag about how many films they’ve seen, and the poster actually also comes to life as a great decor once they’ve scratched all or most of it. You can get one at Amazon for $30. 

Popcorn Machine

Not only are these great household gifts to help them make snacks, but popcorn machines are also great gifts to recreate the full movie experience; it’s as if watching it from the cinema. You can get them at Amazon for about $65.

Portable Mini-projectors

Speaking of recreating the cinema experience, gift your friends with mini-projectors that are perfect for an indoor movie night that turns any home or room into an instant cinema with friends and family. 

These are just some of the best gift ideas for your local movie fanatic friends! You can also get into the love for films with them as a gift, too and go on a movie date with them!

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