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The future of VR and AR is very promising. Take a look at the different ways VR and AR are being utilized to advance many different fields.

The Future of VR and AR Is Still Growing

VR and AR tech has taken the world of technology by storm. These two technologies might seem futuristic, but they are growing daily in popularity. Here are a few facts that prove this point:

  • More than 50% of consumers show interest in using both these technologies in the next few months
  • A whopping 70% of consumers believe that VR and AR will bring about a lot of positive change
  • More than half of consumers are likely to shop at places that use VR and AR
  • VR and AR headset sales are likely to hit the $10 billion mark by 2022

From the foregoing, it is clear that VR and AR technology is here to stay and can only grow more popular with time. Here are five different industries that are using this technology to improve the lives of consumers.

Medical Virtual Reality

One of the industries that have taken full advantage of VR and AR technology is the healthcare industry. Medics worldwide are using cutting-edge technology to deliver better services to patients and advance their research efforts.

VR technology is particularly invaluable during surgery, as it helps doctors know the potential hazards and risks of various procedures. That way, they are better able to navigate problematic aspects of surgery with greater ease.

Nurses also benefit tremendously from using VR technology. The tech allows them to see veins better, ensuring that they prick the right places instead of troubling patients with countless jabs in the wrong areas.

Therapists also rely on VR technology for treating patients with anxiety. They can simulate anxiety-inducing situations for their clients and observe how they react to them. This allows them to offer more practical and accurate solutions to the problems their clients face.

Additionally, VR and AR tech can also help people with autism significantly. Doctors use tech to help persons with autism improve their social and communication skills.

Moreover, the technology also provides an invaluable learning avenue for medical students. Using VR and AR, students can gain deeper insight into the human body, which translates into better understanding and an overall improvement in learning.

Virtual Entertainment & Gaming

It is safe to say that many people know about virtual reality thanks to its multiple uses in the entertainment world. From gaming to movies, VR revolutionized entertainment and made it much more immersive.

One aspect of entertainment that is much better thanks to VR tech is adult videos. A quick tour of the leading VR adult video website BadoinkVR will convince you of this fact. So immersive are the videos on the site that you will find it hard to distinguish reality from imagination.

Improved Learning with New Tech

AR and VR tech has also transformed the learning experience for students around the world. The technology can simulate places and experiences that are difficult to create, thus helping learners understand concepts better. Students can visit the historical Ancient Rome while they are in their classrooms and gain better insight into what life at the time was like.

Additionally, long-distance learning can benefit a lot from VR and AR tech. Students will not feel isolated in a virtual classroom, and education is more interactive this way.

Moreover, students can also undergo virtual training for various jobs using AR and VR tech. The technology also enables them to create solutions to real-life problems via simulation.

Geo Mapping

Another field that is benefitting a great deal from VR and AR is mapping. For instance, Google is investing heavily in tech that can enable users to find and see places realistically using the Google Maps app. 

VR and AR tech in mapping translate real-world data to virtual data and vice versa, giving users a better experience on mapping applications. 


VR and AR also profoundly impact the travel and tourism industry, and you can expect it to continue growing in popularity among travelers. The tech enables holiday-makers to get realistic views of their intended destinations. That way, they can decide whether to invest their money in booking hotels and paying for plane tickets or choosing a different location for their holiday.

Additionally, tourists can relive their experiences after the holiday, which is certainly better than traditional photographs. 


That VR and AR tech is here to stay is no question for debate. All that remains now is to see the extent to which this technology will change life as we know it.

The technology will undoubtedly improve many aspects of human life, from better medical services to improved learning experiences and exceptional entertainment opportunities. If you invest in this tech, you can even travel to various destinations from your home’s comfort. 

There is no telling just how profound of an impact this technology will have on lives.

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