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Fun and Educational Activities to Experience in Israel with Kids

Traveling to Israel with kids can be a highly memorable experience as Israel welcomes families and children of all ages. Many sites and attractions will cater to families with children and you are sure to see many families on your visit to Israel. From exploring historical and religious sites to experiencing the natural sites and attractions in Israel, there is something for everyone. In this article, we will share some fun and family-friendly activities and tours to do in Israel with kids.

Israel is one of the most kid-friendly countries to visit, and many of the most popular sites can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. The Biblical Zoo is located in Jerusalem and is a highly popular attraction for people traveling to Israel and for locals alike. Established in 1939 as a petting zoo, it has since grown to become one of the biggest zoos in Israel. The zoo is a highly educational place to visit for visitors of all ages. When visiting Israel with kids the Biblical Zoo is sure to be a very fun and educational experience for the entire family.

Another fun and educational activity in Israel with kids is the chocolate and diamond tour. This family-friendly experience is based in Tel Aviv and is a unique way to explore the hidden gems in Tel Aviv that will be enjoyed by the entire family. The tour starts in one of Tel Aviv’s famous boutique chocolate factories and this is where visitors learn about the history and process of chocolate making, as well as participate in a chocolate workshop to create their own unique chocolate to take home.

Because Israel is so child-friendly, any activity the adults in the family would be interested in can easily suit and entertain the children. For example, exploring the ancient fortification of Masada can easily be a day of entertainment for children. Located on the foothills of the Judean desert and overlooking the famous Dead Sea, Masada is one of Israel’s most visited sites. Apart from the archaeological aspect of this historic site, Masada is also an important location in Jewish history making it a must-visit when traveling to Israel.

The final activity that is suitable for the entire family is an art and graffiti tour in Tel Aviv. The tour is a great way to see the art and culture of the city, in a fun way. Tel Aviv is filled with unique and colorful graffiti murals throughout many of its neighborhoods making a tour of these iconic walls highly entertaining, educational, and memorable. IsraelTours4U provides many tours suitable for children and the entire family including a graffiti tour of Tel Aviv.

Israel offers a variety of fun and family-friendly activities that cater to all interests and ages. Whether you’re exploring historical sites or enjoying the great outdoors, there is something for everyone. We hope this list of activities has inspired you to plan your next family vacation to Israel.

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