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Dolores, Kill Me Please, A Boy Called Po

Delve into the raw and personal stories behind the life of Dolores Huerta, as filmmaker Peter Bratt paints a portrait of a woman both heroic and flawed.

Dolores, Kill Me Please, A Boy Called Po

Do date night right with Film Daily’s selection of the best films to catch this weekend. Experience a close encounter of the third kind in Spielberg’s iconic classic, as a repairman teams up with a single mother to uncover the truth behind the purpose of some otherworldly visitors; delve into the fascinating yet tragic life of acclaimed music icon Dalida; and venture deep into the jungles of Japan in search of an ancient temple, as three American tourists get caught up in a paranormal nightmare.

(PBS Distribution)
on limited theatrical release now

In the copious volumes written about Cesar Chavez and how he formed the first farm workers’ union, there’s little mention of Dolores Huerta, although she was his equal partner and co-founder of the union. With unprecedented access to Dolores and her children, filmmaker Peter Bratt (Follow Me Home) delves into the raw and personal stories behind the public figure, painting a portrait of a woman both heroic and flawed, having worked tirelessly for social change even as her eleven children longed to have her at home.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
(Sony Pictures)
on limited theatrical release now

Steven Spielberg’s seminal classic about alien visitation took the world by storm back in 1977. Now, Sony is hoping to do it all over again – can it ignite the imagination of an entirely new generation? The film follows repairman Roy Neary as he encounters a strange spacecraft during a routine call. Haunted by recurring visions of a strange mountain range, Neary is driven to an emotional breaking point. Desperate to understand what he’s witnessed, Roy teams up with Jillian, a single mother who believes her son has been abducted by otherworldly visitors. Stars Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws), François Truffaut (The 400 Blows), Melinda Dillon (A Christmas Story), Bob Balaban (Moonrise Kingdom), and Teri Garr (Tootsie).

(Under The Milky Way)
on limited theatrical release now

This intimate portrait charts the fascinating life of acclaimed music icon Dalida. Born to humble roots in Cairo, she endured a traumatic upbringing before going on to achieve worldwide success. Despite her skyrocketing fame, Dalida’s life was tumultuous at best, with no less than three of her lovers committing suicide. In 1987, Dalida herself would take the same path. Her life, as flamboyant as it was tragic, is beautifully recounted by filmmaker Lisa Azuelos (One Wild Moment).

Kill Me Please
(Cinema Slate)
on limited theatrical release now

A “disturbing and funny dive into teenage sexuality, spirituality, loneliness and fragility”, Kill Me Please follows the story of Bia, Michele, Mariana, and Renata, a clique of affluent high school girls whiling their days away wandering the fields between vertigo-inducing highrises in Rio de Janeiro. But when a wave of murders terrorizes the neighborhood, the girls develop a morbid curiosity with the victims – and the lines separating life, desire, and death begin to break down. Brazilian filmmaker Anita Rocha da Silveira blends a traditional coming-of-age story with slow-burning horror in her directorial debut; Newcomers Valentina Herszage, Dora Freind, Mariana Oliveira, and Júlia Roliz star.

Valley of Bones
(Smith Global Media)
on limited theatrical release now

Valley of Bones is pegged as a “nail-biting” thriller set in the oil-rich Badlands of western North Dakota. The film follows Anna, a single mother and paleontologist, and McCoy, a meth-addicted oil worker, who form an unlikely bond as they both struggle to make amends for their criminal pasts. Their hopes lie in the form of a monumental Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil, whose discovery potentially could be worth millions. Can they trust one another, or will they turn into adversaries? Directed by Dan Glaser (Oxenfree); Autumn Reeser (Entourage) and Steven Molony (Pinching Penny) lead the cast.

Viceroy’s House
(IFC Films)
on limited theatrical release now

Lord Mountbatten is dispatched to New Delhi along with his wife Edwina to oversee the country’s transition from British rule to independence. Taking his place in the resplendent mansion known as the Viceroy’s House, Mountbatten arrives, hopeful for a peaceful transfer of power. But ending centuries of colonial rule in a country divided by deep religious & cultural differences is no easy undertaking. With incredible attention to detail, director Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham) brings to life this pivotal historic moment that threatened to tear India apart, and ultimately reshaped the world. Gillian Anderson (Starz’s American Gods), Michael Gambon (Sleepy Hollow), and Hugh Bonneville (The Monuments Men) star.

A Boy Called Po
(Freestyle Digital Media)
on limited theatrical release now

A Boy Called Po is the “enchanting story” of a recently widowed man who must learn to cope with becoming a single father to his 10-year old autistic son. If there’s one thing this heart-wrenching story proves, it’s that raising a child is hard – but even harder when you’re going through it alone in the face of insurmountable odds. Directed by John Asher (Somebody Marry Me) and written by Colin Goldman (California, 90420) and Steve C. Roberts (History Is Myth). Stars Christopher Gorham (Covert Affairs), Julian Feder (Wiener Dog Nationals), Kaitlin Doubleday (Accepted), Sean Gunn (Super), and Bryan Batt (12 Years a Slave). Read Film Daily’s review here.

(Screen Media Films)
on limited theatrical release now

Three American tourists trek deep into the forbidden jungles of Japan in search of an ancient temple in this horror flick from You’re Next and Blair Witch writer Simon Barrett and Mike Macari, executive producer of The Ring trilogy. Following a mysterious map, the adventure quickly becomes a horrific nightmare when a paranormal spirit entraps them. The feature film debut from Michael Barrett, Temple stars Logan Huffman (Final Girl), Natalia Warner (The Double), Brandon Sklenar (Hunky Dory), Asahi Uchida (The Deep Red), and Naoto Takenaka (Shall We Dance?).

Mike Boy
(HT Pictures)
on limited theatrical release now

An orphaned waiter, known only as “Mike Boy”, longs to find the truth about his muddled past. When he’s revealed as the chosen one from an ancient prophecy, a shadowy figure approaches him to join a secret society determined to rule the world. In exchange for learning his secret identity, Mike must carry out a series of missions that will grant them ultimate power. The feature film debut from Hamzah Tarzan; newcomer Hugh Massey stars, with Emily Killian (The Chosen), Robert Sisko (Kemper), Gerard Sanders (Iron Man), James Wellington (Mean Guns), and Ron Gilbert (The Usual Suspects) rounding out the cast.

Looking for more films to see this weekend? Catch Jackals, The Vault, Unlocked, and Do It Like An Hombre – all out now.

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