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There are tons of classic casino movies. Here are the casino movies that happen to take place in French territories.

The top 3 casino movies loved by the French

Gambling has long been portrayed as one of the shrewd ways to build a lump sum from a small cash amount. Movies around the casino theme never fall short of exciting drama, nail-biting moments, and nerve-racking action. 

The best French gambling movies explicitly portray high-end lifestyles in the original cities of Europe and have a lot more to offer than typical casino movies. Here are the top gambling movies, with top ratings among the French, that will immerse you in the thrilling casino world.

Bob Le Flambeur

Jean-Pierre Melville shot this masterpiece starring Roger Duchesne as Bob, the main character. During the time, Melville was one of the rare enterprising people willing to ride on a delivery bike while shooting on a hand-held camera and still managed to create a legendary story of a popular gangster. 

During the movie’s shooting, Melville was faced with numerous challenges, the most significant being shortage of funds, which forced him to section the shoots into periods when he would get the funding. Most of the French consider this movie about casino and gangsters to be one of their favorites.

Bob was a famous man in the streets, having helped many folks the best way he could. However, he was respected for his old-school gangster life, which had led to his imprisonment before the movie’s time setting. Bob was an experienced bank robber. Then, old-school gangsters were associated with a lot of prestige and even glorified. 

Besides being a top gambler, Bob was vulnerable to severe losses but had heard of a casino safe that sometimes held 800 million francs. Pulling a casino heist became his new obsession. He portrays great strategic thinking as he organizes a team of specialists to accomplish the mission.

This movie has a deep connection to the country, given that it was shot in real places relatable to history. However, the movie’s impact was felt years after its release; it wasn’t an immediate hit, but it stands as a beloved classic among modern movie lovers. Nevertheless, this is our top choice for movies that provide a close-to-life experience of the French landscape.

Casino Royale

The old 2006 James Bond film is another masterpiece of great significance to the French movie fans. The movie is a complex narration of several gambling instances gone wrong. The villain, Le Chiffre, is beaten in a wager and tries to recover the losses through unorthodox means. 

Bond, the opponent who wins Le Chiffre’s vast sums of money and posh car, becomes the hunted after possessing the wealth of bitter Le Chiffre. The two later engage in a rematch where Bond misinterprets cheating signals between Le Chiffre and his accomplices and ends up losing.

Unlike most James Bond movies, this one dwells deeper into character rather than action without making it a cinematic cliché. In various instances, Bond would engage in profound emotional connection with Vesper, his lady in the movie. On several occasions, Bond’s trust in Vesper leads him to trouble, later to lose all his winnings in a case of betrayal. 

The movie has an authentic connection to the French, as the story is built upon French suburbs despite being shot in other locations. Real casino fans will connect well with the movie as it uses common casino jargon and portrays close to real gambling situations.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The comedy themed crime movie is based on two coincidental friends who meet on a train, one of them on a secret mission. This is the story of two fraudsters who wager on their con men skills, targeting a wealthy tourist as the bait. The movie stars Michael Caine as Lawrence Jamieson and Steve Martin as Freddy Benson. 

On the day the two met, Lawrence was on a mission to con a tourist by pretending to be a wealthy resident, which is his alibi throughout the movie. Freddy is new to this kind of heist but recognizes the scheme and pursues Lawrence, who is not very welcoming, seeing him as a competition. 

After failing to convince Freddy to go out of town on several attempts, Lawrence thinks of joining hands with him and pursuing a greater prize through betting on who would be successful in conning Glenne Headly, a wealthy tourist.

Although the movie mostly focuses on the two menaces’ fraudulent activities, the wager that steers the activities would define the final victory and cement their legacy. The movie was shot in France, which gives it great importance to the French people. You might consider the movie a simple narrative of life among the French.

These French movies are just a touch of what the French filming industry has to offer. Unlike the popular Las Vegas movies and those shot in major gambling landscapes, watching the French gamble is something entirely new, given the passion they bring to the table. 

These classic movies will take you back when casinos were rare to site and were less regulated. This means you get the very best of the classic high living and what it meant to be an original gangster in French nightlife.

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