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YouTube has tons of exciting content. Check out this free video downloader to satisfy all your YouTube needs.

Nab this free Video Downloader for all your YouTube video needs

YouTube is more popular than ever these days. You can find tons of videos on the subject matter of your choice, but oftentimes, videos can get taken down or deleted from the platform. If you’re someone who wants to safeguard against their favorite videos disappearing, then we have the app for you: VideoHunter.

VideoHunter is a free downloader that allows users to download video and audio clips from dozens of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud promotions and YouTube. VideoHunter is easy to use and can reach 1080p, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy your downloads in the finest video quality imaginable. Read on for additional details regarding  VideoHunter and your various Free Video Downloader needs. 

Actually 100% free

Now, when you hear free, you probably assume there’s an asterisk somewhere detailing the catch. Maybe the software is littered with ads. Maybe you only get so many downloads until you have to pay. Maybe you have to only download online. But the reality is Free Video Downloader for YouTube is 100% free, no catch.

There’s no ads, no secret payments or fees, no speed limits, and no video amount limits. When we say this video downloader is free, we mean free.  What other video downloading software can say that? 

Download in the best quality possible

YouTube itself isn’t great at playing videos in the proper quality. Quite often, it’ll play videos at a lower quality and you have to keep swapping back to the HD quality you want. Thankfully, Free Video Downloader for YouTube allows you to download videos in the proper quality, so you can watch it every time in up to 8K.

With high quality video comes a variety of video formats as well. Whether you’re looking to download in mp4, mov., or even just get a wav. audio file, Free Video Downloader for YouTube can fulfill all your file needs. It’s beyond simple to get the right file type for your needs.

Variety of video sources

While the name of the program is Free Video Downloader for YouTube, it doesn’t just do YouTube videos. Facebook, Vimeo, Tiktok, and Tumblr are just a few of the websites supported by the video downloader. No matter where you find your video content, you can use this free video downloader to score it.

If the site you watch videos on isn’t supported yet, don’t fret either. Free Video Downloader for YouTube constantly is being updated with new features, and new sites supported by the software. While the catalog of supported websites is huge, it continues to grow as updates come through. 

Simple to use

You can be a pro torrenter, or a newbie just trying to download karaoke videos from YouTube. No matter what kind of tech skills you have, you’ll find Free Video Downloader for YouTube stupidly easy to use. All you need is the link to either the video or YouTube playlist. 

Enter it in the appropriate box, pick your video or audio format, hit start, and sit back and relax as the software does all the hard work for you. Seriously, it’s hard to struggle to use Free Video Downloader for YouTube. Plus, the software runs quickly and cleanly, meaning you don’t even have to wait long for your audio and video files to be ready for use. 

An impossibly great deal

You would be silly to pass up software like Free Video Downloader for YouTube. Nothing beats the price of free. Plus, the software runs on the same level as some of the top tier video downloaders online. Rather than pay for low-quality video downloads that take forever, download the Free Video Downloader for YouTube today and change your video downloads. 

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