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Bored and broke while cooped up in quarantine? Forget about your paid subscriptions and discover how you can watch the best TV shows for free online.

TV hubs galore: Discover the best places to watch free TV shows online

Streaming services are great, but the subscription prices can be annoying to justify each month. Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and more continue bringing us quality content. Yet, we’re left asking . . . how can we enjoy these TV shows online for free?

Sometimes, even owning those subscriptions put us at a loss regarding what to watch. And when that one specific film or TV show you’ve been dying to watch doesn’t end up on those subscribed platforms – we’re led into a spiral of thoughts asking: “is this subscription even worth it?”

This handy list of free streaming places should help you prioritize – what streaming platforms are worth the price? What content can I get without spending a dime? Find your favorite TV shows online below: 

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is ideal for anyone wanting to use their Apple TV or Kindle Fire TV. This online streaming app is a perfect way to leave behind the hard work of finding something to watch. Totally free to use, Popcorn Time is a much more affordable option than a streaming service. Plus, Popcorn Time has content other services don’t offer.

We advise you use a VPN when streaming or downloading content from Popcorn Time based on the not-so-legal act of copyright infringement. Popcorn Time was once popularly known as the Netflix of piracy. So, you can expect a mix of latest & evergreen TV shows. is an online streaming website carrying a large library of TV shows & movies for free. Although isn’t application-based like Popcorn Time, it still has a functional search button to access the specific TV show or movie you’re looking for. 

Without any extra steps like signing up or registration for an account, allows you to stream in HD. Similarly, use of a VPN is advised for safe streaming.


The magical term “123movies”, when typed in your browser gives you a surprising number of free streaming sites. Although the original website shut down in 2018, clone sites of similar names like 123movies4u exist with the latest movies & TV shows available.

Even titles released in the latter half of 2020 like Wonder Woman 1984, Nomadland, and The Climb are within reach on the homepage for free – ready to be watched.

AZ movies

Despite the pandemic caging us in our homes, we got some pretty good TV shows & movies this year to keep us entertained. AZ movies is another classic online streaming website which, interestingly, never had any legal feuds, according to Republic World – a result of using multiple domains & URLs to keep your streaming affairs as “safe” as possible.

Why do these safety measures matter? Your favorite TV shows or movies on AZ movies have less chances of being taken down while you watch. However, we strongly suggest the use of VPN before engrossing yourself in the world of entertainment. 


Famous for an extensive library of romcoms, Kodi is a Film Daily favorite! The one aspect amiss in free streaming applications or sites is a decent user interface. While most are just over the functional aspect, none are as user-friendly as Kodi.

Kodi is an open-source theater software with hundreds of official & unofficial add-ons available – meaning you can watch free streaming TV shows or movies on your smart TV from sources that other softwares usually don’t allow. Crackle, Tubi, and Xumo are some of the top suggestions for the best streaming experience. 

Crackle includes Sony-licensed movies like Will Smith’s Ali, action films like Bad Boys II, and popular TV shows like Merlin & Community – all available for free.

Xumo & Tubi have a wide range of more than 600 highly rated TV & movie titles. And the best part – Tubi’s media player automatically filters out any ads when added on to Kodi. That means everyone can enjoy Tubi without any interruption for free!

What are you planning to watch next? Whatever you choose, odds are good you’ll find them available on the list above.

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