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The original 123movies has been shut down, but there are many similar websites to watch movies and TV shows for free online. Check them out.

Can’t access 123movies? The other free movie websites to bookmark

With people still in quarantine and staying socially distanced, having access to fun things to do at home is important. One of the most common activities for people to do while bundled up from the cold is watching movies at home. Many people choose to use subscription streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, while others like to use traditional DVDs.

For others, streaming services are too expensive and there are only so many DVDs people have in their houses. That’s where free online streaming with 123movies websites comes in.

Sites like 123movies have been used for many years by people wanting to stream free movies online. The original 123movies has been shut down, but there are many similar websites to watch movies and TV shows for free online.

Staying safe online with 123movies websites

A lot of websites like 123movies have popups or viruses on them, so it’s good to have antivirus protection on the device used to visit them. People going onto websites like 123movies should be careful and use their best judgment when it comes to using the websites to watch free movies online.

Another way to stay safe while using websites like 123movies is a VPN, or virtual private network. These can be easily installed and help hide network information. It’s more difficult for a website to track someone who uses a VPN, so keeping one on while browsing 123movies and other sites is important. One of the most popular VPN services is ExpressVPN.

Many VPNs let people change their location to another region or country, and some websites like 123movies only have content available in certain regions. With a VPN, people can change their locations to access content from anywhere.


MoviesJoy has no ads or popups, making it an easy option to access free movies & TV shows online. There’s no registration required to start watching, and there’s a large collection of content which gets updated often. 

The regular additions to the website’s content make it a good option for those who want to see new movies and shows that have just recently been released.


Vumoo is another website to watch free movies online. Like MovieJoy, Vumoo doesn’t have any annoying popups. There are some ads, but they won’t jump up at you and don’t hinder the viewing experience.


YesMovies is another website which lets people watch TV shows & movies for free. Plus, YesMovies makes it fun to search through content. The shows & movies are categorized by genre, IMDB ranking, and more. There are no commercials either, meaning it’s easy to stream content without interruptions. 


WatchFree is another online streaming option. It gives access to HD quality TV shows and movies. It offers a wide array of content and categorizes it into what’s popular, newly released titles, top rated titles, and many more.


CineBloom does have ads & popups, but has some of the latest films and TV shows. But it does offer HD quality, so that’s a plus. Whether CineBloom is the right option or not depends on the person. Some people are okay with ads and popups if it means the video can be streamed in high quality.


For fans of Bollywood & Hindi movies, YoMovies is the place to search for free content to stream online. It does contain ads and popups but gives access to a large collection of Bollywood films and TV shows.


GOmovies has content for fans of any genre. Just a few of the genres the website has include horror, action, science fiction, and talk shows. There’s even an option where users can request a certain movie or TV show to be added. GOmovies has a search bar which makes it easy to look for any show or film.

There are so many options when it comes to streaming free movies and TV shows online. There are many websites like 123movies that offer great content and endless entertainment.

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