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Boxing fans are getting ready for the most exciting match of the year: Pacquiao vs Ugas. Prepare for the fight by finding all the best live streams.

Free streams: All the ways to watch the most anticipated boxing matches

Free streaming is one of the basic abilities every postmodern young person should have. The truth is that our favorite contents get more and more privatized each time by different streaming platforms. A decade ago you could find almost everything on Netflix, nonetheless, time has changed and it’s no longer that easy to find all your favorite contents in one single site. 

All this means that we’ll inevitably end up hiring several subscriptions in order to access our favorite movies and T.V shows. Yet, things get worse when we realize the same thing happens with sports, so if you’re both a sports & movies fan, you’ll eventually end up bankrupt. Ok, maybe we’re exaggerating (or not) but we can all agree that these kinds of platforms end up being an important expense. 

For all these reasons, we’ve made free streaming one of our main topics of interest in Film Daily, so you might want to check other of our articles. If you are a box fan this article is for you, since we’ll share with you the best sites for boxing streams, some of them can even do the job of streaming other sports matches. The truth is that the fight between Fury & Paul left us wanting for more and here’s how to get it for free. 

UFC Streams 

As you can tell by the title, this is an UFC boxing streams site, the platform focuses on combat sports overall so this is not an ideal option to stream other sports. However, here you’ll be able to find numerous MMA & UFC boxing events exclusively and the best part, you can  find them in HD quality.  If you’re running with luck, you might even find some 4K streams on the site! 

This boxing streaming site is a marvelous solution when it comes to  following live matches. Nevertheless, all free streaming sites have their disadvantages and in this case we should tell you that UFC streams do not host any videos of past matches. So this is not a good option if what you’re looking for is to rewatch a particular match, instead it’s a great option to livestream.

Another great graphic aspect of UFC streams is its win-loss record of fighters on screen, as well as a weight categories ranking. These small details can actually make the difference when you’re streaming a sports content, since it contextualizes you on what to expect.  If you like to bet, this is a great option for you too! 

Paul vs Woodley is finally here. Find out how to live stream the anticipated boxing event online for free.


There’s no doubt that boxing is one of the most expensive sports to watch, both through streams and in real life, an UFC ticket event can cost around $74.99 per. Yet we can give this an end with Stream2Watch, where you’ll be able to watch all kinds of live sports events for free. This site holds basketball, baseball, boxing, NFL, golf, hockey, motorsport, soccer, rugby, tennis, UFC, and wrestling. 

As you can see now, Stream2Watch provides all live sports streams content, only boxing content, and the best part, without having to make an account! For this platform a single click on your chosen link will be enough. If you love all kinds of sports in general, be sure to have this site very near to you  and share it with your closest friends.

Crack Streams

Another thrilling site for all sports lovers is CrackStreams, here you’ll be able to free stream several sports events, naturally UFC related. Nonetheless, this site is also great if you’re looking to stream NFL, CBF, XFL, MMA and even NBA content. The only detail that we do need to tell you about CrackStreams, is that you’ll really need a fast internet, if you not, the content will probably buffer.

In general terms this streaming site works, however it does have some particularities we should mention. In Film Daily we try to be very honest every time we do a recommendation! In this case, the number of streamed sporting events in Crack Streams is limited. Also, Quality isn’t always the best at CrackStreams, nonetheless, this depends on several factors, in general, the platform does a good job for free.

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