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Film Daily debrief: Fires, festivals, and fetish

Fires, festivals, and fetish. Film Daily rounds up all your essential industry news, as comedian Louis CK premieres ‘I Love You, Daddy’ at TIFF.

Film Daily debrief: Fires, festivals, and fetish

The summer holiday is over for Tinseltown as swathes of movers, shakers, and makers boogie on down to the festival hop. While some jetted from Venice to Toronto via Telluride, the unlucky few stayed in (the flame-engulfed) city to attend the Creative Arts Emmys. Away from la-la land, Hurricane Irma made mincemeat out of Miami and Apple’s iPhone X spec was leaked prior to Tuesday’s announcement.

If you were too busy battening down the hatches, getting over that hangover, or just spending your weekend with those you love, don’t worry: Film Daily’s got your back.

Paramount looks to tweens for salvation in new exec appointment

Ruler of the tween box office Wyck Godfrey is set to join Paramount Pictures in a top executive role. Come January 2018, the powerful Twilight producer steps into some mighty big-boy shoes as the president of Paramount’s motion picture group. Paramount hopes he can herald in a new dawn for the struggling studio, after churning out nonstop flops in 2017 including the tone-deaf Ghost in the Shell. Godfrey got his start on the Nightmare on Elm Street series; let’s hope his appointment doesn’t turn into a nightmare on Sunset Blvd. as he assists Paramount in adapting to industry changes.

The Last Tycoon makes one final deal

Changes are afoot at Amazon Originals, with programming moving away from the experimental indie-style programming that launched the studio, such as Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, and One Mississippi. Reigning tycoon Jeff Bezos wants more global hits and seemingly less F. Scott Fitzgerald projects on his schedule. Both the Christina Ricci-fronted Z: The Beginning of Everything (in our humble opinion truly awful) and the recently premiered The Last Tycoon (lackluster at best) suffered under the swinging axe of the business giant.

The Shape of Water proves cats can swim; picks up Golden Lion at Venice

Surprising exactly no one, Guillermo del Toro’s latest movie won the top award at the Venice Film Festival, with critics swooning over the romantic fantasy tale. See the full list of winners here.

Virtue signalling is out and satire is in at TIFF

The Hollywood Reporter commented on the button-pushing program of this year’s TIFF, which has welcomed the most un-P.C. roster of movies in years. The Eminem-produced rap satire Bodied pops with a variety of foul, racially-charged language; Soviet satire The Death of Stalin is full to the brim with rape, race, abortion and murder jokes; and the critically acclaimed Christian Bale vehicle Hostiles has been criticized for its portrayal of Native Americans.

Too soon? Alleged sex predator Louis CK premieres his movie about an alleged sex predator, I Love You, Daddy

Among the other edgy fare, Louis CK premiered his Woody Allen-inspired “secret” movie this weekend at TIFF. I Love You, Daddy, filmed in glorious black & white, is CK’s homage to Manhattan. The comedy tells the story of what happens when your unruly daughter maybe starts having an affair with an alleged sex pest. The plot may be a nod to the various accusations of sexual impropriety which CK has received over the years, but regardless critics are all hot under the collar. We guess CK won’t be leaving Canada without a distribution deal. Wonder what Tig Notaro makes of it all.

The Creative Arts Emmys limps into its 69th year

The Creative Arts Emmys are a mystifying event. Folktales told in dimly lit trailers have it that the old Gods of Hollywood thought the studio workers needed a little bit of sparkle to incentivize them into doing their jobs. For 69 years, this event has helped the studio run smoothly – makeup artists kept plucking, wardrobe assistants kept pinning, and grips kept doing . . . whatever it is they do. For an unknown reason, some people bothered to get off their sofas (on a Sunday!) and drove to L.A. Live (shudder). If you are interested in that type of thing, Variety provides a very comprehensive list of the winners.

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