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Film Daily Screenwriting Contest Finalists

Film Daily Screenwriting Contest Finalists

The Film Daily Screenwriting Contest’s finalists have been announced!

Winners will be announced via live web stream and at our event in York, UK Friday 26 Jan.

Comedy Feature Film Finalists

Dave’s New World
by Luke Dinsmore

by Marc Baron

Next Register, Please
by Dan O’Sullivan

Will ‘n Shakespeare
by Tim Lane

Orson Wells Ashes
by Debra Knox

The Crag
by Tom Radovich

by David McMahon

Special Needs
by Shelli Wright

Beaver, Las Vegas
by Elise D’Haene

American Snake Pit
by Dan Tomasulo

Comedy Short Film Script

The ‘C’ Word
by James Joel Dann

by Ben Hogan

The Naked Chronicles
by Irene Herbruger

Film Festival Fodder
by Jennifer Katz

Comedy TV Pilot Script

Like Mother, Like Daughter
by Taelor Smith

by Courtney Suttle

Job Quitters
by Kelly McInerney

Ezekiel Bound
by Michael Narkunski

There’s something about Graham
by Ben Hogan

TiiM “Friendship, Good! Stealing, Bad!”
by Marvin Crawford

Drama Feature Film Script

The Lady Pirates
by Theresa Anne Carey

Coming Home
by Heather Lombardo

Those Who Hear
by Jerome Velinsky

Double-Edged Sword
by Suzanne Nichols

Fire on Ice
by Courtney Suttle

Drama Short Script

by David-Matthew Barnes

by Sola Bamishigbin

Behind the Curtain
by Dene Stark

Maggie & Ash
by Megan K. Fox

by Austin Alexander

by Adam Quane

by Alice Freeman Turner

Sweet Sixteen
by Joyce Sherrí

Close to Joy
by Monique Amado

Waltz: Beginners Course
by Thalia Badio

Drama TV Pilot Script

Blood on the Wall
y Alexander Berger

Boxed In
by Daniel Costello

The Seamstresses of Seattle
by Margarita Rozenbaoum

Horror Feature Film Script

by Cory Huizar

Special Needs
by Geoff Inverarity

by kelly jean karam

Horror Short Film Script

There’s a Monster in My Closet
by Alena Cadova

A Dog’s Life
by Pamela Nash


Unfortunately, not all entries made it to the final selection.

We considered all entrants carefully for grammar, dialog, vibe, formatting, plot, structure, visual interest, worldbuilding, concept, believability, characterization, stakes & motivation, pace, craft, genre conventions, structure, and many other elements. We also assessed your work for its consideration of our competition themes:

Disability – Mental health – LGBTQI – Race – Class – Religion

All projects were carefully adjudicated by our reading team, and the decision was incredibly difficult.

If your work didn’t make our current finalists’ selection, it doesn’t mean we think it’s bad – but there were other entrants whose stories matched our mission & vision more closely. We are excited to consider your work again and hear more of your incredible stories.


Film Daily Screenwriting Contest

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  • Where are the finalists in the sci-fi categories? I don’t see any listed for feature or short. I was under the impression that these categories were available when I submitted two of my screenplays to this years contest.

    December 21, 2017
  • Looks like a great list! Did you have any finalists in your Sci-Fi category?? Thanks

    December 30, 2017

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