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Feel like seeing 'The Boss Baby: Family Business'? Save your money and stay right in the comfort of your own home. Learn how to see it for free!

Here’s how to watch ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business’ on the net for free

Chances are, you loved the first Boss Baby, so you may want to know how to watch Boss Baby: Family Business and where to stream it before it’s too late. The Boss Baby: Family Business which is known as the sequel to the 2017 hit animated movie. The Boss Baby premiered in theaters and on Peacock on Friday, July 2. 

The growing franchise is based on Marla Frazee’s 2010 book of the same name, and tells the story of a boy helping his baby brother who happens to be a secret agent in the war for the adults’ love and attention between human babies and dog babies. Alec Baldwin starred as the titular Theodore (also known as Ted) Lindsey Templeton, the formal Boss Baby and infant, carrying the mind of an adult. 

The Boss Baby worked at Baby Corp. He gathers intelligence and the ability to speak from drinking a “Secret Baby Formula.” Unsurprisingly, the movie also led to a 2018 Netflix TV show named The Boss Baby: Back in Business and earned an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Picture.  (To think babies could be living secret lives behind our backs!)

Clearly, streaming won’t grow old anytime soon. But anytime we’ll get the same quality of movies for free, it’s time to take advantage. All times are uncertain and it never hurts to save a couple extra dollars. We’re going to show you how we can watch The Boss Baby: Family Business on the internet for free!

The Boss Baby: Family Business plot

The Boss Baby: Family Business will witness the return of Ted and his older brother, Tim (played by James Marsden). Because everyone has to grow up at some point, our two favorite characters are now adults. Tim Templeton is a stay-at-home father for two adorable daughters. His estranged brother Ted, is a big-time CEO. 

Unexpectedly, the two brothers gather together once more when they take a magical formula that transforms them into babies for forty-eight hours. Joining forces with Tim’s secret-agent daughter, they must go undercover to stifle a malicious genius from turning fellow toddlers into monstrous brats. 

Yes, as adults who were brought back together after a new Boss Baby (Amy Sedaris) seeks their help to stop a professor from erasing childhoods from across the world. The new Boss Baby will be Tina Templeton, the undercover executive of Baby Corp and Tim and his wife Carol’s younger daughter. 


During an interview with USA Today, Alec Baldwin talked about recording the voices for Boss Baby: Family Business while amid quarantine. 

“We had already started voice recording, but COVID disrupted everything. We wound up recording from home on my laptop. It all worked fairly well. But I’m not a computer aficionado or tech person. We got through it, which is a miracle because there’s a lot of projects that aren’t out,” said Baldwin. 

Surely, you’re not alone in being excited for the return of titular Boss Baby (now as an adult), so keep on reading for how to watch The Boss Baby: Family Business for free. 

How to watch

Need to save money? There is a way to watch Boss Baby 2 for free, but you’ll need to be an Xfinity subscriber or know someone who is. Customers with Xfinity Flex, Xfinity X1, Xfinity Internet or Xfinity Digital Starter TV accounts can get a Peacock Premium subscription for free. 

Peacock has a guide for how to connect your Xfinity and Peacock accounts. Cox subscribers with Cox Internet Customer with Contour Stream Player or Starter Video, also have access to free Peacock Premium subscriptions. 

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