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What does a former Mafia boss think of 'The Godfather'? Which survival films does Bear Grylls rate as the best? Find out about these movies and shows now!

Experts react and rate movies in their own niches

There is no question that movies and television shows are made and released for our entertainment but how important is realism in movies and where is the line drawn between authenticity and entertainment? 

For our own entertainment purposes, we decided it would be a good idea to hear the opinions of some experts in their chosen fields to review and evaluate how realistic films based on their own jobs are. 

What does a former Mafia boss think of The Godfather? Which survival films does Bear Grylls rate as the best? Find out below!

Mafia boss reviews mafia film scenes

In our first clip, Michael Franzese, ex caporegime of the Colombo crime family in New York City reviews scenes from various world-famous mafia films and tells the audience how accurate they are. Franzese reviews several scenes including Sonny’s death scene in The Godfather, Al Capone’s plastic surgery scene in The Untouchables, and a few scenes from The Sopranos

The former New York mobster even states how alike Tony Soprano’s mother was in the television series to his own mother. He also tells us how he was offered a role as an advisor in the award-winning show, but he turned it down.

SAS commando reviews war film scenes

Former Special Air Service (SAS) commando Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham gives his opinion on the realism of war films in this next clip. Billingham spent almost 30 years in the parachute regiment with the SAS as a troop leader, sniper, and jungle warfare instructor. Billingham currently features on Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins television series.

Billingham breaks down 11 military scenes in this clip including Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, American Sniper, and Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let us just say that Billingham did not reference Commando for its accuracy to real life warfare! At the end of the clip the former SAS man gives his opinion on the most realistic war film he has seen but we will not spoil that one! Watch below!

Poker players review Bear Grylls

Poker professionals Martin Jacobson and Chris Moorman discuss and review what happens in the cult poker film Rounders. Rounders is rated as one of the greatest gambling related films of all time and despite not being a huge box office success, it has gained a cult following. Matt Damon stars as the main character, Mike McDermott.

Both poker players, who have won millions playing poker, agree that the scenes are very entertaining but from a poker point of view they are not very realistic.

Jacobsen and Moorman agree that in order to make the film entertaining the director was right to focus on the psychological and tell based part of the game and that it is difficult to add realistic poker plays that incorporate maths, probability, and coolers which would be more realistic from a professional poker players point of view. 

These days, poker players have swung away from the offline casinos and are instead playing at online casinos such as Whether we see a film that incorporates an online casino remains to be seen though! Although the upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077 is rumored to incorporate online gambling.

Watch the discussion below!

CIA chief reviews spy films

In our next clip, former CIA Chief of Disguise Jonna Mendez talks us through 30 spy scenes. Some scenes the former CIA chief describes as “spot on” whilst others are less so. Some of the scenes here include action from James Bond, Kingsman, Inglorious Bastards, and Homeland.

Austin Powers is also reviewed here which certainly draws some laughs! In the end, Mendez states that directors do everything that they can in order to make the films as realistic as possible but overall, her favorite part of watching spy movies is watching out for things they get incorrect!

Bear Grylls reviews survival movies

World famous survival specialist and former British SAS commando Bear Grylls talks us through scenes from several different survival films here. Grylls first reviews The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio which he regards as ‘realistic.’ 

However, he later comes to Point Break’s parachute scene where Grylls tells us that sometimes you have to suspend a little bit of realism in order to witness an iconic film moment. Grylls’ army career ended after he was in a parachute injury, an injury which almost saw him confined to a wheelchair for life.

Grylls finally reviews The Office’s hilarious scene where Michael attempts to survive in the wild. Grylls let’s us know that Michael’s positivity is a key trait in a survivor, despite this he regards the scene as unrealistic. 

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