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There's a lot of things to know when creating your own deep water culture garden, from water pH to setting up the system here's what to know.

Unsure about water pH? DWC Systems are gaining popularity among growers

The Deep Water Culture system is the truest form of hydroponic systems. It is also the easiest and simplest hydroponic system for weed. The concept is straightforward and easy to grasp, which is why it is popular.

In DWC, your plants’ roots sit directly into an oxygenated nutrients solution for optimal absorption. The term deep reflects on the fact that the roots must be submerged deep into the water.

When there is enough water in the reservoir, there is less maintenance and monitoring required. Hence, always make sure that the plants’ roots have the right amount of water.

Before looking into the good and the bad of the Deep Water Culture system, let’s look at what a simple DWC looks like.

How to Set up a Deep Water Culture System?

This hydroponic system is straightforward to set up. Once you get the concept, you can quickly look beyond it. Also, you do not need to spend crazily on its set-up. Let’s look at the basics you need to set up a Deep Water Culture system.

A Reservoir of Nutrients’ Rich Solution

First of all, you need a reservoir big enough to support your DWC system. Fill it with water. Make sure that the pH of water is between 5.5 to 6.5.

The high pH is best for the vegetative phase, while the low pH is for the flowering stage. The next step is to add nutrients such as Complete Hydroponic.

Make sure that your reservoir is rich enough to support your plant’s journey.

Air Assembly

Next comes the air circulation system. You will place an air-stone within the reservoir and connect it to an air pump. This will ensure that your plant’s roots live in a healthy, disease-free environment.


Then, place your plants in net pots above the nutrient-rich solution in the reservoir. Plants will naturally expand their roots in the solution to find and absorb nutrients. This process will begin quickly.

As soon as the roots hit the nutrients, you will see an acceleration in growth.

Pros and Cons of DWC System

Now that we are clear on how a DWC system works, let’s look at some benefits and drawbacks that come with it.


Some pros of the Deep Culture Water system are as under:

  • Since the plant’s roots always have plenty of nutrients and oxygen all the time, there will be an explosion in growth. The harvest time becomes half in DWC systems as compared to soil systems. 
  • The air system helps in aerating the roots. This helps in improving the plant’s absorption and increases the plants’ cell growth rate. You will notice greener and healthier leaves.
  • This system does not require the expanded use of fertilizers. Why? Because the roots are already submerged in deep water filled with nutrients.
  • Once you set it up correctly, there is little to no maintenance required. Since the system is too simple without any nozzles, water pumps, or feed lines, there are no clogs.
  • Lastly, the DWC system consists of a small and simple assembly with few moving parts.


  • As nothing is perfect, this hydroponics system also comes with a few drawbacks, including:
  • The only thing here that can wear out is the air pump. And if it does, you will have a tiny window to replace it. If you do not replace it soon enough, the plants can die.
  • The water temperature can rise due to the submersible pump running continuously. It can be devastating for the roots. To avoid this, use a recirculating Deep Water Culture system.
  • Keep checking the water level, nutrient concentration, and the pH level. These factors can fluctuate wildly, especially in the small DWC system.
  • For larger DWC set-ups, more manual labor is required.


Although there are a few drawbacks to this system, the advantages outweigh them gracefully. All you need to do is grasp the concept and set up the system carefully. Once you get the idea, there is no going back.

This is especially true when you are looking for a hydroponic system for weed. You can grow double the harvest in the same amount of time.

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